Toronto, Canada
Myroslav Kovalevich - Bent No More

    With this letter I wish to publicly express my thanks to God for the blessing of my healing.

    In the middle of May, 2004, I felt pain in my lower back and immediately I was bent over to one side.


    My wife urged me to go to Holy Mass at a church where the Rozeluk family (sic) would be with their medal of Our Lady of Garabandal. We had heard that people receive healing at these Masses. I agreed to go because the pain was excruciating and I looked crooked. I could neither walk nor work and had difficulty even getting into a car.

    Through Ms. Irena Budz and Mr. Petro Hrynchyshyn (Ed: see his healing story), we found out in which church the Rozeluks were at the time with their medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Irena very kindly agreed to accompany us to the church on Shaw Street in Toronto.

    I walked into the church with great difficulty. The Liturgy began. I plunged into prayer with my whole being and participated in the ceremonies (of prayer for healing) led by the priest (Fr. Myroslav Cajka) and  Dr. Rozeluk. I prayed sincerely and asked God for healing.

    Praise be to God! How great was my surprise when, after the ceremony was over, I was walking straight and erect. When we arrived home, I asked my wife, "You didn't notice anything?."

    My wife replied, "What do you mean?"

    "Can't you see that I'm walking straight and how easily I got into the car?" I replied.

    "I saw but I wanted to hear it from you. Praise be to God and Padre Pio and Blessed Bishop Nicholas Charnetsky because it was through them that I was praying to the Heavenly Father and to His Blessed Mother for your healing," she replied.

    We thank you, O Lord, and Your Most Holy Mother, for hearing our prayers and for granting me an immediate healing.

Myroslav Kovalevych
Toronto, Canada
May, 2004

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