Love Replaces Anger
The Healing of Mrs. M. M.

   My name is M.M. Ever since I remember, I was always full of anger in my relationships with people. Whenever anyone approached me for advice or to share some kind of trouble, I always reacted with anger. Even when I would notice someone from afar turning in my direction, this was enough to upset me. I understood very well that everyone, especially a young girl or woman, needs to hear a kind word, a sincere piece of advice, needs a "shoulder to cry on". Then that person's pain seems to lessen and all her burdens seem to become only half as heavy. I could never give anyone advice or to console anyone, although people often came to me with their troubles. Sometimes I would even insult them.

    I realized that what I was doing was wrong. I prayed a great deal and with great sincerity, crying to Our Lord,  begging Him  to change me. It took a lot of effort on my part to ensure that this character flaw of mine was not too noticeable. And this effort cost me a great deal and yet the good Lord heard my prayers.

The Cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk, the Garabandal medal, and inside view of cathedral.

    When I found out about Garabandal and that Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk from Canada would be in Ivano-Frankivsk with their medals that had the kiss of Mother Mary, I hurried to this meeting. It began with the recitation of the rosary, followed by Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass), and then we approached to kiss the miraculous medal(s). Later I also went to their meeting in the city of Novo-Yavorivsk.

    Several days after retuurning home, I realized that I could talk to people without any kind of annoyance, that nothing bothers me anymore. On the contrary, there arose in me a desire to do something good for people, a desire to help them, to be able to give them good advice, to do something good. I was no longer afraid of anyone. I was not angry any more.

        I would like to sincerely thank Our Lord God, Our Blessed Mother Mary, and also the Rozeluks for the grace of this spiritual healing for me.

Sincerely and gratefully,
MM. - Ukraine
November 2002
received through Fr. Pilavsky

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