Ukraine - Osteochondrosis
Bone Disease Disappears

December 2002

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Dr. Michael and Helen:

    I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for coming to Ukraine (in autumn, 2002) and to our village of Radcha with the good intention of helping people.

    My name is Marta Mykhailivna Tsiutsiak. I am 57 years old. For many years my back and my legs ached. With each year it became worse. The diagnosis was: inflammation of the joints and chronic osteochondrosis (an incurable disease of the growth centers of the bones, which often begins with the dying off and recalcification of cells).

    And then you came. After kissing the medal (from Garabandal), on the third day I felt healed. I began to walk up the stairs without needing to stop and rest. I felt changes in both my back and legs. It felt as though my back was not my own. Something had slid down from it, some great weight. And when I put pressure anywhere on my legs, there was no more pain. And so, imperceptibly, I was healed.

    I am very grateful to Our Lord God and to His Blessed Mother for the grace I have received. I also thank you, Helen and Michael for your help. May God give you strength and health to be able to help people many more times, to do good.

With gratitude,
Marta Tsiutsiak and my family,
village of Radcha, Ukraine

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