Testimony of Maria Luisa

Reprinted with permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL September-October 2003

    As a way of thanking Our Lady, I'm relating my memories of a trip to Garabandal in August 1962 while the apparitions of the Virgin to Conchita, Mari Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz were taking place. I was accompanied by my husband, who suffered from bronchial asthma and mitial insufficiency.

    We arrived in our car and the girls had their "ecstatic races." In order not to miss anything, my husband hurriedly ran after the girls, making the steep climb up to the Pines several times. After the ecstasy ended, my husband realized that after all that, he was not short of breath.

    Another prodigy I witnessed was that one of the girls in ecstasy stopped in front of our car and blessed it. From that moment on a cross was marked on the windshield, and lasted a long time, even after the windshield was washed.

    Later, my husband and I were near a priest when Conchita fell into ecstasy and came toward us with the crucifix in her hand. When the priest saw Conchita approaching with the crucifix, he moved closer thinking Conchita was going to give it to him to kiss; but she quickly pulled it away and gave it to my husband instead.

    When she came out of the ecstasy I immediately went up to her and asked: "Conchita, why did you give the crucifix to this gentleman to kiss and not to the priest?" She answered, "Because the Virgin told me to give it to your husband." Conchita didn't know us at all. There were many people who witnessed this episode that day in Garabandal.

    Besides all this, I must thank the Virgin that my husband came back from Garabandal with renewed faith. Before, he was a distant and cold Catholic, but afterwards he became fervent.

    Also, that day my own faith increased, and I thank the Virgin and ask her to preserve me in it.

signed: Maria Luisa

Excerpted from LOS MILAGROS O FAVORES DE NUESTRA DE GARABANDAL by Maria Josefa Villa de Gallego
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