Child Regains Hearing
Our Lady works through the internet also
Written by Ysabel Macco
September 5, 2001

    I am a person that  feels blessed already by Our Lady.

    Until recently I was completely ignorant about Garabandal and Our Lady's visit there. Then a friend of mine, here in California told me about it. Her sister, Diana Reid, who lives in Toronto, has met with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk and has attended the healing services with Bishop Roman Danylak. She attended the Garabandal "mission" in Toronto and knows people who have been blessed and healed with "Our Lady's kissed medal". When my friend, Nancy, told me the story of Our Lady of Garabandal and about the graces that she and her sister were granted through this special medal, I was very interested.

    About 5 months ago, my child started to lose her hearing. The condition was getting progressively worse. The only option was to try surgery but even with that there was no promise of things getting better. The doctors feared that, even with surgery, my child would not regain the hearing that was lost and that things would get even worse. However, she was scheduled for surgery on May 29, 2001.

    In the meantime, I shared my concern with my friend, Nancy. She told me of Our Lady of Garabandal and she told me of the web site at and of some of the miraculous stories of healing there. I looked up the website on the internet and immediately saw the picture of Our Lady as She appeared in Garabandal. I believed immediately. I did not have a picture of Our Lady at home, so I knelt down in front of the computer monitor and began to pray to Her. I prayed every day in front of the image on the web site.

    Before the surgery, my daughter and I went to the hospital to make the final preparations for the surgery. The doctors examined her and selected the anesthetic, the medication etc. A day before the surgery they did her final check. Then the surgeon wanted to check her again. Her last check was INCREDIBLE. The specialist was surprised. The doctor could no longer see any of that discharge that had been plugging her ear drum. Her hearing had suddenly returned to normal. Everything  - the surgery, her medication -  was cancelled. No more back and forth to the hospital. No more requesting the school teacher for seat accomodation near the front of the classroom so that my daughter could hear better. Her hearing has been restored!

    Thank you God and thank you, Virgin of Garabandal!!!!

    I have been praying ever since and even more so now because SHE hears. So, Dr. Rozeluk, if you would kindly send me more information about Garabandal, I would be most thankful for it. In addition I ask you for your prayers for my other child, a 6 year old boy, who is going to many specialists - psychologists, speech therapists and others as he has learning problems and I need help. Please help me with your prayers and ask for the intercession of Our Lady of Garabandal.

    I also ask if it is possible to order a medal containing a piece of missal kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal (see FAQ - Kissed Medal). I am sending you my address for this. Thank you for your time. God bless you and all of the Workers of Our Lady.(ED: A medal containing a piece of missal kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal has been sent).

Ysabel Macco
California, USA
September 2001

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