Ukraine 2004 - Ivano-Frankivsk

Our Lady's Kiss Gives the Breath of Life

    On July 21, 2004 there was an accident at a railroad crossing. The car that my brother, Ivan Struk, was driving was hit by a train. My brother was hospitalized with multiple fractures of the rib cage. His condition deteriorated with every hour. Because the broken ribs had pierced his lungs, he was getting worse and worse.  He was unconscious. A machine was breathing for him. The doctors were not hopeful.

    This lasted one week. Ivan was not returning to consciousness. The only hope left was the hope in God.

LEFT: Fr. Porfiri with Michael and Garabandal medal.      RIGHT:   Fr. Kasko, Helen, Ljubov Shyptur and Michael

    We invited Father Porfiri to come. He prayed over my brother for a long time with the help of his medal [kissed by Our Lady] from Garabandal. It was already nighttime when Father left his side, but he gave us some hope.

    Half an hour later the doctor came out to us and said that, when he turned off the breathing apparatus, my brother took several breaths. (Up to that time, they had tried to disconnect the artificial respirator several times, but my brother would turn blue and start choking. And on one occasion his heart completely stopped).

    After Father Porfiri and Father Zinovij Kasko visited him, he began to steadily improve. For two months the doctors fought for my brother's life and return to health and he survived. But it was Father Porfiri with the help of his medal from Garabandal that breathed the breath of life into him. Everyone believed this was a miracle: we, the family, as well as the doctors and medical staff who witnessed this event.

    I, Ljubov Shyptur, am ever grateful to Our Lord God, to Helen and Michael Rozeluk [who gave the medals to Fathers Porfiri and Zinovij when they vsited Ukraine] and especially to Father Porfiri.

Ljubov Shyptur
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
October 23, 2004

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