Toronto - 2006
Christina's Gastric Ailment Disappears

    My name is Lesia Sudyk. I come from the city of Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk province of Ukraine. More recently I have been living with my family in the area of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

    It was from my friends that I first found out about [Michael and Helen] Rozeluks' visits to Ukraine to pray for the healing of the sick with the help of their miraculous medals of Our Lady from Garabandal. I was intrigued by these events. I had the opportunity to view the [documentary] video about the apparitions of the Mother of God to the little girls in Garabandal. I was touched by these events. They can be neither understood nor explained on any scientific level. Therefore, I resolved that, at the first opportunity, I would travel for Mass to any church where the Rozeluk couple was [expected to] arrive with their mission.

Christina, Roksolana, with mother Lesia and Helen Rozeluk at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Toronto.

    We first met these beautiful people in a church in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. There we participated in the Holy Liturgy, recited the Rosary and venerated the miraculous medals. At that time, we did not experience anything unusual but we had a feeling of trust that Mother Mary is taking care of us. We firmly resolved to go again at the first opportunity.

    In the meantime, our little daughter, Christina, began to show renewed symptoms of a previous gall bladder illness that, in our opinion, she had been healed of long ago. The frequent and stormy gas expulsions, symptoms of gastro-intestinal dysfunction, began all over again. Discouraged, we began to think about a renewed series of medical treatments.

    Soon afterwards, we found out that [Michael and Helen] Rozeluk were going to be present, with the medals of Our Lady, at the church of Sts. Peter and Paul in the city of Toronto, Canada. Of course we had no second thoughts about going to Canada. Christina, Roksolana (my youngest daughter) and I packed our bags and the following day, after a four hour drive, found ourselves at the above - mentioned church.

    After the recitation of the rosary, Holy Liturgy with confession and Holy Communion, we approached either Michael or Helen or one of their assistants, who placed their medals on us and prayed for God's grace of healing for our bodies and souls. There, for the first time after kissing the medal, our children lost the sense of the real world for several minutes. At that time they said nothing about it because they were unaware of what had happened to them. But the same feeling of trust remained.

    To our great joy and the joy of many faithful, Michael and Helen Rozeluk, along with Father Peter, the pastor of this church, announced that these healing missions with the miraculous medals were going to be celebrated at the end of every month.

    Our intentions to give praise to God, to ask for God's grace and be healed through the miraculous medal, remained steadfast. However, the circumstances of one's life do not always coincide with one's wishes. And so, the following month we were unable to go because our children came down with the flu.

    Two months later, when, thanks to God, everyone was well and preparing to drive to Toronto, I suddenly realized that I didn't remember when I last noticed the symtpoms of Christina's (stomach) illness. Immediately, I called her and asked her about this. She answered that she also couldn't remember when they disappeared. We stared at each other with surprise and joy and our thoughts were the same - it was undeniably God's assistance and grace.

    This time we drove there with twice the hope and returned with absolute conviction that there is an extraordinarily great Power that our intellect is powerless to reach and the deeds of which we often cannot understand or explain. And it is this Power of God that assists us in various ways to find the road to Eternity and to travel on it as easily as possible, enduring all trials on this thorny road of life. The confirmation of this -- is our girls.

    This time, Christina, while venerating the medal, felt that she was beginning to lean backwards and wanted to resist but she saw the face of the Blessed Mother and heard Her say the following words: "Don't be afraid, everything will be all right." Roksolana also lay on the floor for a long time. When she came to, she told us that she saw the Blessed Mother in pale-blue clothing with a white veil on Her head. She spoke to her, but my daughter cannot remember what was said and is unable to tell us. Maybe next time? ...

Lesia Sudyk
Detroit, Michigan, USA
January 2006

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