Witness to a Miracle
Lesia Zvir and V.L.
November 2002
Glory be to Jesus Christ!

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Nearly a month has passed since that time, the event that was so memorable for our prayer group when we had the honour of being in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine at the meeting with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. When Father Teodor, our pastor, told us about the miraculous messages of Mother Mary in the distant mountains of Garabandal and about the miraculous power of the relics blessed by the kiss of Mother Mary, we couldn't wait to take this trip.

    The road from our little town of Zolochiv, which is in the Lviv province, to the city of Ivano-Frankivsk turned out to be unusually easy and fulfilling. With the recitation of the holy rosary and the singing of sacred hymns, we didn't even notice when we arrived at our destination.

A typical crowd which was present at every presentation in Ukraine.

    We felt very comfortable in the packed hall of the Basilian Monastery, however our hearts were filled with a confusion of thoughts, perhaps even doubts: Who were these people who had flown in from across the ocean? What exactly is their mission? How is everything going to take place? And more importantly ... am I going to get to kiss the Garabandal medal?

    All these fears flew out the window when Helen and Michael Rozeluk entered, accompanied by priests, monks and the organizers of this gathering. Everything began with prayer, ... the prayer on the rosary and later on Helen and Michael told their story. Rather, it wasn't so much a story, as a revelation from people who were sharing their trials with us, who raised to us the curtain over the history of their family life, their spiritual rebirth which shook everyone to tears. You know, at this emotional moment I was thinking, "After all, this is not the first time that these people are telling this heart-rending story, and yet, one had the impression that this was the first time that they were sharing their experiences. There was so much sincerity, so much barely-controlled emotion from the painful experiences they were sharing with us. My Lord, what a privilege that You are sending us such people! For in today's day, our hardened generation can be awakened only in such a way: with the living, personal testimony of one's own experiences in order to "pinch" us out of this spiritual sleep with the living miracle of a healing.

Before Our Eyes - A Miracle of Healing!

    And we were granted this grace! Before the eyes of several hundred people, an event of miraculous healing took place, the miraculous healing of a 4-to-5 year-old boy whose legs were paralyzed.

    People lined up to Helen, who was holding the miraculous medal of Garabandal in her hand, in order to touch with their lips and their hearts this relic which was made holy by the Mother of God Herself. It was a little bit loud in the hall, although people were praying and singing Marian hymns and, as usual, were "in a rush".

    Then it was the turn of a woman with a child in her arms, a lad about four years old. Helen said a short prayer and let the mother kiss the medal, then gave it to the little boy to kiss. The lad kissed the medal and then Helen suggested to the child (quietly in his ear) to stand on his own two feet. We understood that from the mother's reaction, who timidly protested, saying that the child could not walk. Nevertheless, Helen encouraged the boy to come to her. The little one, hanging on to the medal with one hand and with the other, holding on to Helen's hand, stood a couple of seconds on the floor and then took a step towards Helen... The mother of the little one,  for the first time witnessing the self assured walking of her son, instinctively tried to pick up the child in her arms but the people stopped her. And the little one kept walking and walking while hanging on to the medal.

    We were awakened from the shock of what we saw by the tears of the mother who was completely taken by surprise, but even more so by the tears of Helen herself, who tenderly returned the child to his mother. The hall exploded with shouts of amazement. People wept, shouting praises to the Lord God and to Our Blessed Mother for this miraculous healing. Even more, one can confidently state that everyone present was granted a great grace: to be able to witness a miracle of healing. I think that, for everyone who witnessed this miracle, what they saw will remain forever engraved in their hearts.

    On returning home, we were up until the wee hours, sharing the experiences of our trip with our loved ones, our families, our friends, and our co-workers. Many more people from our city of Zolochiv later went to meet with the Rozeluks in the cities of Novo-Yavorivsk and in Lviv. Today, many people can say that, in addition to a physical healing, they also received a spiritual healing and, most importantly,  the confirmation of a great Love, God's Love. This is not some kind of abstract expression. No. All of us were given a personal experience of the material, practical Love which, for the Nth time heals us, enfolds us and permits us to touch It.

Another Healing

    Mrs. V. L. is also eternally grateful to the Mercy of God and to the eternal goodness of Mother Mary for the grace of her healing. "When I was going to the meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk," she says, "I had a swelling on my shoulder about 5 cm. (2 inches) in diameter, which bothered me very much. The swelling was increasing in size very rapidly and several days before the trip I also developed a fever. I was frightened and depressed at the thought of the illness that was threatening me... But what joy I had when I returned home from Ivano-Frankivsk! I felt so much better! And the lump was becoming smaller each day. At the present time I feel very well."

    I express my heart-felt thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary for this grace of healing! I respectfully thank the Rozeluks for being such good "healers" in Mother Mary's clinic. We all admired their peace, their gentleness, their untiring energy, their selfless love towards all who came to meet with Mother Mary. To these people, who are so zealously spreading devotion to Mother Mary and Her messages in the mountains of Garabandal, we want to wish much health, abundant graces from God and untiring strength in their spiritual vocation. We also wish to express our gratitude to all those people, especially Mr. Bohdan Shyptur, who invited Dr. Michael and Helen to come to Ukraine.

signed Mrs. Lesia Zvir and Mrs. V.L.
city of Zolochiv, province of Lviv, Ukraine.
November 2002

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