After Helen and I returned from Garabandal following my unexpected healing there in 1994 (see Mike's Story),  I was told to use the Garabandal medal. Since then many, many wonderful things have happened to many people. Joey Lomangino, after praying for me with his medal, also told me, “Remember all I can do is to pray for you...the rest is up to God. All I am doing is holding the medal and praying. "Thank God, not me."

Soon afterwards Helen and I were invited to a private home to give a talk on Garabandal. We gladly accepted the invitation (as we continue to do). We began with the Rosary, then showed the Garabandal documentary video. We talked about my miraaculous healing and then I brought out my medal (which is large like Joey’s). A very ill-looking man approached me and asked me to pray for him. I was afraid of this because I was not used to such things. This was foreign to me but I remembered Joey’s words, "Remember, you're just holding the medal. God does the rest."  So how could I refuse?

The man’s name was Ken. He asked if I would place the medal on the side of his head. It was for his sake that our hostess had invited us to give the talk and to pray for him. Ken had a malignant tumor in the middle of his head (in the brain stem according to our information at the time). He was very sick and was being treated at a cancer hospital in Toronto. He had just been measured for a face shield or mask to be used in his radiation treatment, which was to begin soon. It was then that his friends organized a prayer meeting for him and invited us. He did look quite ill and even without being officially introduced to him, I knew that he was the one we came to pray for.

 I placed the Garabandal medal on the right side of his face with my left hand and my right hand on the left side of his face. Suddenly the medal got very hot. I could feel the heat bouncing from it, through his face, to my right hand and then back to the other side of his face again. I also felt that my face was dripping with perspiration. In addition to that, my shirt was totally soaked, totally wet. I felt that everyone could see this and that if I could wring my shirt out into a bucket, I could fill it completely. I prayed “The Our Father and Hail Mary.” You see that is all I basically knew to pray for anyone else. But I prayed with total faith and sincerity.

 When I looked at Ken’s face, I was alarmed for his face had become beet-red. What had I done? But wait…I had done nothing but pray for Ken at his request! When I finished praying, to my relief, he was all right and said, “Thank you.”

God is so wonderful because He gives us a confirmation promptly, as soon as we need it. Just as I removed the medal from Ken’s face, someone else came up to me and asked to see the medal. As I was giving it to him, he exclaimed, “Wow, is this ever hot!” What a confirmation for me! But also, another surprise: my shirt, my clothing, all of me was perfectly dry!

 On our way home Helen and I kept praying for Ken, thanking God and Mother Mary. We were sure that Ken had received some very special graces.

About two weeks later, our hostess called to ask us if Ken had been in touch with us. She told us that after that prayer meeting Ken was able to keep down his food without getting sick and vomiting. He left her home that evening feeling much better. We said we would keep praying for him and asked her to keep us informed.

Time went on, months went by. Finally our hostess called us again and asked if Ken could telephone us. We said yes. She then told us some of what he wanted to tell us. We waited for his telephone call.

 Months again went by and then, finally…Ken called. He told me that after the prayer meeting he was able to eat better and that the secondary cancer that was appearing in his throat had disappeared. When he returned to the hospital for his scheduled radiation treatment, the doctors first wanted to check the fit of the special mask that was made for him for this treatment. Then they made an X-ray to recheck the size and position of the cancer in the middle of his head. Everything had to match absolutely perfectly or the treatment itself could kill this young man rather than help him.

When the doctors returned with the results of these tests, they gave Ken some unexpected news: He could go home.No treatment was necessary. The cancer had totally disappeared and only a hole remained where the cancer had been!

 This was too much for Ken! He firmly believed that there was no hope for him! It was too late! They were all lying to him. Even the proposed treatment was being abandoned and he was being left for dead. He thought he was being sent home to die. When he first became sick a long time before, he was told that he would have trouble eating. This did happen and he had lost weight. But now he was sure he was going home “to die”. He fell into a depression as he lay on his sofa day after day, watching television and eating...and eating…and gaining weight. But still he was convinced that everyone had given up on him and that he was dying. He had become very depressed and for him life was over.

This went on for some two or three months. Finally Ken’s wife convinced him to see a psychiatrist who eventually convinced him that the doctors had indeed told him the truth and that he really was healthy. He returned to work and began to enjoy life again. And only after this extended time did he call us to share his story.

Dr. Michael W. Rozeluk

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