Jane's Story of September, 1998      UPDATED JUNE 2014

Testimonial to the Grace of God

With permission of author.

On March 6, 1998, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, the same tumor that took my father's life 7 years earlier. The prognosis was poor: my father survived only 6 months after his diagnosis and I felt an overwhelming sadness at the prospect of leaving this world, of leaving behind my husband and my children at such an early age. I was just turning forty and had been looking forward to the rest of my life. Now I was faced with my mortality, a difficult concept to deal with at any age.

As the following weeks progressed, I found myself being strengthened by the love and kindness of others who so freely gave me the support I desperately needed.  As difficult as these times were, I also recognized that I was continually being gifted by the love and kindness of others and sensed that these people were being sent to me by a higher power, in order that I could begin to heal.  Each act of kindness strengthened my spirit and allowed me to see all the good that surrounded me. I began to realize that my life had an important purpose and that I was just beginning to embark on a journey which, in time, would reveal to me what God's plan was for me and that He would direct me down the path that would allow me to fulfill it.  I had already achieved a sense of peace with the world but still had a long way to go. I knew that something was still necessary in my life to complete the healing process I had undertaken.

I had always believed in God, worshipped Him and yet, in the last number of years, had brushed Him aside in order to selfishly spend my energy pleasing myself and focusing on achieving materialistic goals.  My faith had weakened and I became preoccupied with the physical aspects of day-to-day living, not the spiritual.  Recently, I found myself wanting to reconnect with God. I realized that the greatest strength I could have was my faith in God and that only He could help me through this journey.  I began to pray to God numerous times throughout the day, sincerely thanking Him for all He has given and continues to give me, and asking for His forgiveness for my sins as well as His guidance in how I should live my life.

I began to attend the healing Masses celebrated each Wednesday  by Bishop Danylak at St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Toronto. After these Masses I was profoundly touched when I went up with other faithful to be anointed by the Bishop. After the anointing, Michael and Helen Rozeluk prayed over me with their medals touched to that of Joey Lomangino, which was "kissed" by  Our Lady at Garabandal, and asking for God's grace of healing for me.

On September 16, 1998 I returned to the hospital for a CT scan and was ecstatic to learn that there is no evidence of any disease! What a miracle, especially when I knew how aggressive this type of cancer is. Not only has my relationship with God strengthened but I truly feel that He is answering my prayers. And while I have great confidence in my doctors and the treatments they have been providing, I know that it is God working and that He will continue to look after me - He has never let me down.

I am truly blessed and pray that others will open their hearts to God, as I have, to receive His love and compassion - it's the greatest gift of all.

Jane McNulty-Smith
Newmarket, Ontario

P.S. As of June 2014, Jane has undergone many additional brain scans and MRI'S. All have been negative to the disbelief of her doctor! Jane continues to be healthy and thanks the Lord. Praise the Lord!

ED: Today Jane further writes: As for the brain tumor, after over many years since my diagnosis, I continue in remission (they will not say cured as this disease has no known medical cure). However, my faith tells me that God has played the key role in my wellbeing and it is through His guidance that I have been able to find great purpose to my life. I carry out God's work these days in many ways, some of which are my volunteer work with a hospice day programme, visiting people in hospital and always being willing to help those in greater need than myself. Physically, mentally but most important spiritually, I am well and I owe all the Graces in my life to God and hope and pray that those reading my story will be inspired to believe that through all the uncertainties of life, the one constant that you can always count on will be God. God Bless.  - J. Mc-S.

Reprinted with permission of  the author.

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