One of cures from Ukraine trip:
Cure of Mrs. Ivanka Liskavatska
November 1, 2002

Dear Dr. Michael and Helen:

    I would like to tell you about the healing of Mrs. Ivanka Liskavatska. She told me about it over the telephone and asked me to write it down for her. Here is her story.

PICTURE:St. Josaphat's Church in Novoyavorivsk, near the city of Lviv.

    Mrs. Ivanka is a pensioner, 65 years old and lives in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv province, Ukraine. She is a good friend of my mother's. Lately Mrs. Ivanka was feeling quite ill. She had some sort of abdominal pain, so she went to the hospital for observation. While in the hospital, she developed leg pains also. Her legs had never before given her pain. The doctor said that she had deep veins and prescribed some medication. With this -- with her aching legs and other problems -- she returned home to continue her medication.

    By the time she returned home she could no longer walk. Only when absolutely necessary and with tremendous effort, by holding on to the wall, was she able to walk in her house. She was also at a spiritual low. Unable to walk and no longer able to eat, she was preparing herself for the worst. In this way, she spent the next two weeks.

PICTURE: Some of the 1,500 participants at St. Josaphat's. The church and
the outside grounds were completely filled.

    When you, Dr. Michael and Helen, came to speak in Novoyavorivsk (near the city of Lviv), Ukraine on October 2nd, 2002, Mrs. Ivanka could not go. However, the following day, i.e.. October 3rd, 2002, I took the medal from Garabandal that you had given me and went with my mother to visit Mrs. Ivanka. I quickly told her about this medal with the kiss of Mother Mary on it, about Our Lady's promise, gave it to Ivanka to kiss and prayed for her. What happened later I found out from my mother, then from Mrs. Ivanka herself. Here is what she said:

    "After kissing the medal, I fell into a deep sleep. I had a dream. In the dream I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary. She said to me: 'You will be well' and in my dream I began to jump up and down in joy, stamp my feet, dance around and yell to my daughter, Tanya, 'Tanya, I'm well. My legs don't hurt any more.' With that I woke up and thought, oh, it's only a dream. However, as I began to move my legs, I found that the pain had indeed almost disappeared.

    The next day I felt even better and now my legs don't hurt at all. I can walk about my house with no pain whatsoever. It was Jesus and Mary that healed me with the medal from Garabandal. My other illnesses have also lessened."

P.S. I also want to let you know that two women from the city of Zolochiv, Ukraine, who came to your talk in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine had also been healed. One was healed of terrible headaches from which she has suffered for quite some time. The other had a swelling that has almost disappeared. Both these ladies promised to write about their healings themselves. I will send them to you when I receive them.

In unity of prayer,
Father Teodor Pylavskyj, OSBM
Zolochiv, Ukraine
November 1, 2002

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