Impossible Odds

Padre Pio and Our Lady's kissed medal save my brother.

Written July 7, 2001 by Douglas Hensley

Dear Dr. Mike:

    In December of 2000 I e-mailed you a note and asked for a PADRE PIO  medal. You, Dr. Mike and Helen, sent it to me along with a medal of OUR LADY of Garabandal. You also sent me information about Our Lady's visit to Garabandal, Her Messages, and the promise She gave with the kissed medal.

    My brother, Johnny D. Hensley, had gone in for open-heart surgery at the time. On Christmas Day, his stomach and bowel exploded from complications of the open heart surgery. The doctor told us that he would not survive. He was unconscious. We were in a panic. What to do?  I  printed out a picture of Padre Pio with the stigmata and taped it to his gown. We asked for Padre Pio's help. For 31 days we were told that hope was grim at best.

    I have to tell you this, and ask if it was a figment of my imagination or a vision? When I pinned the medal and picture of Padre Pio on my brother's hospital gown while he was unconscious and fighting for his life, I prayed to Padre Pio to come and touch my brother with his healing hands.  After praying and asking for that miracle I went down to the main floor of the hospital to get a cup of coffee. I walked down a lonely and quiet corridor with my head down, praying. When I looked up, out of the corner of my eye at the end of the hall, I saw a ghost-like vision of Padre Pio standing way at the end of that hallway, smiling at me and nodding his head up and down as if saying, " Yes, everything will be OK". I shook my head in disbelief, blinked my eyes and there was no vision there. It was gone. At first I started to shake it off as wishful thinking but no, I told myself, it WAS Padre Pio appearing to me. I believed he appeared to tell me that, no matter what the doctors said, my brother would pull through.

    I got my coffee and returned to my brother's hospital room, where my 77-year-old mother was pacing the floor and wringing her hands. She said that the Lord was the master physician and, if it was His Will, He would heal my brother. My mother is a devout Catholic and prays to the Lord constantly. She has done so much for the needy and the poor. Most of her life she did volunteer charity work to see that the poor were clothed and never went hungry. She told me that the Lord would take care of her son.

    After she finished saying this, I told her about my vision of Padre Pio and she instantly looked me in the eyes. She said it was no vision at all. I should believe that he appeared to let me know my brother would live even though the doctor had given up hope for him. Well, to make this short, I claimed it, and thanked Padre Pio every moment I could. I talked with him and felt a great peace come over me. I knew he was interceding for my brother. I knew the Lord our God was with him and that  my brother would be healed.

Medals Arrive

    In the meantime, I received the medals that you sent: Padre Pio's from his beatification in Rome and one containing a piece of missal that Mother Mary kissed in Garabandal (ED: See FAQ Section on how to get Our Lady's medal). You had told us that they were blessed and even touched to a piece of the True Cross. I placed them on my brother's hospital gown.  We continued praying. My brother fought and with all the prayer he pulled through! Then he began having lung problems and just recently had to have surgery on his lung because of more complications of the open heart surgery. Neither I nor my family gave up hope. We knew you were praying for a miracle along with us. We were not alone. Our prayers were joined.

    It has been six months since that ordeal. My brother is now at home recuperating. He was healed! When I mentioned to one of the nurses that they pulled him through and saved him, she looked me in the eyes and told me quite frankly that neither the doctors nor the nurses pulled my brother through. This was beyond their ability to help. I knew exactly what she was talking about. It was prayer and faith and help from OUR LADY and PADRE PIO that pulled my brother through this. My family and I have experienced a miracle.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and for the medals you sent me to place on my brother. I promise I will continue to spread the word about OUR LADY and PADRE PIO to everyone I meet.

Thank You and God Bless you for your prayers and support.

Doug Hensley, July 7/2001
Newport, Ky.

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