Ukraine - Osteomyelitis
Healed from Osteomyelitis
March 2003
Glory Be to Jesus Christ!

     I trust that you will respond with "Glory Forever". I live in the village of Sydorivka, Ukraine. My name is Halyna Hachak. I have a daughter, Natalia, who has osteomyelitis. (Osteomyelitis is a very painful and incurable inflammation of the bones.)

    My daughter and I went to see you (Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk) at the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine), in September 2002 when you and your wife were there healing the sick (see ED. below). My daughter Natalia was third in line to see you. She was unable to stand on her left leg and was on crutches. (After praying over her with your medal from Garabandal) you took the crutches from her and she was able to stand on both legs! When we went to Lviv, Ukraine, (a few days later), my daughter and I went to your wife, Helen, and everything was fine and she began to walk. She is now running around and playing with all of her friends outside.

    My daughter and I are very grateful to you and your wife. We wish you good health and many years of life and happiness to do good for people.

    We invite you and your wife to the village of Sydorivka. We are very grateful to Luba Nakonechna for it was through her that we had the good fortune to meet you. God's blessings on you both.

Halyna Vasylivna Hachak,
village of Sydorivka, Ukraine

ED NOTE:  The Rozeluks came to talk in Ukraine and in the cities about the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her love for Her people. The Rozeluks are the first to say that ONLY GOD is the healer. It is God who heals. All they can do, is to pray and to use the medal which Mother Mary kissed and asked all Her people to use. She said: "Through My kiss, My Son Jesus will perform many prodigies throughout the world...." And this is certainly being proven! Glory be to God!

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