The following is a true story of another miracle. Our Lady at Garabandal, interceded and obtained the grace of a total healing of George Retzlaff who seemed condemned to die. We must never give up faith and hope--even in the face of the impossible. 

George Retzlaff Restored to Life

    A few years ago, in November 1996, my wife, Wanda, and I decided to attend the first “Embrace the Eucharist Mission”.  It was being held at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham, Ontario, a good distance away from our town. Visionary Jacinta of Garabandal and Joey Lomangino were also present. Not feeling well, I had to leave early, and so was not able to honour my original intent of kissing Joey's medal that was kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal. We left somewhat disappointed and went to spend the night at our friend's home nearby, as we live out of town.

    Just a few short weeks later,  my health became progressively worse, and eventually I was admitted to the Toronto General Hospital’s intensive care unit. In early December 1996, at the age of 75, I had my second mitral valve replacement as my first one was leaking (the mitral valve is located between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart,  and prevents a backflow of blood back into the heart during blood release - or ‘systole’ - pumped to the rest of the body... Editor). After the operation, the doctors still could not stop the internal bleeding, and said they might have to operate once again to find the cause.

    The following day my condition was still considered grave. But, unknown to me, my wife called Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife Helen to ask them to come to the hospital to pray for me. She told them about my extremely serious condition and then started to cry. They said that they would come as soon as they could.

    The Rozeluks contacted Bishop Roman Danylak and told him of my predicament. They requested that he come to my hospital room as my situation was critical, and he graciously agreed. That same day, at approximately three o'clock p.m., all three arrived - Helen and Michael, together with Bishop Danylak. The nurse at the intensive care desk was surprised, but agreed to let them come to my room. She told them that I was almost unconscious and that I could not respond, that my condition was now very serious.

    All three approached my bed. I was not aware that they were there. Wanda had just left to get a bite to eat. Bishop Danylak annointed me with the holy oils while Dr. Michael, and Helen continued to invoke the intercession of the Mother of God. They placed the Garabandal relic medal on my almost lifeless body. Still, there was not even the slightest response from me. As they started to leave, Dr. Mike turned and placed a medal of Garabandal into my left hand. He remembers that I reacted to the medal in my hand by squeezing both the medal as well as his hand. He mentioned this to the Bishop and Helen, as they were leaving the room.

    Up to that particular moment, I had been completely unaware of my surroundings, or even visitors for that matter, for a long period of time. Wanda recalled that as she returned to my bedside, the nurses told her that a bishop came with others, all of whom prayed for me.

    Nearly three hours later, around 6 o'clock, my wife phoned the hospital to determine my condition. By then I was able to shout across the room to the nurse on the phone that I had had visitors and was feeling much, much better (this totally surprised the nurses). The staff also had informed me that I would be staying at the hospital for a long period of time and that my recovery would be slow. Yet, on the very next day, all my tubes were removed, and I was transferred from intensive care to a recovery room, with an excellent prognosis.

    Within a week of the bishop’s visit, I went home feeling great. Again, I was told that I would not be able to go shopping or do other things with my wife for a very long time, because any activity would physically weaken me. Yet I was able to do all these things - including walking and shopping - within only one more week.

    I have now fully recovered and still feel wonderful, because I know God is with me.

    I thank God with all my heart, and thank Our Blessed Mother -- Our Lady of Garabandal -- the doctors and nurses, Helen and Mike, and finally, Bishop Danylak-- all God's trusted servants for their part in this wonderful healing.

George and Wanda Retzlaff
Port Dover, Ontario, Canada
March 2001

PS: Wanda now sews scapulars in her spare time for the Workers of Our Lady as a way a helping others through the love of Mother Mary.

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