Toronto - Disc problem
Also Mother Mary's Son
(Muslim Man Healed)

June 10, 2003

    A number of years ago, in the late 1970's. I was trying out a skateboard and fell solidly on the sidewalk. I believe it was this fall that injured my back. I suffered many, many years of lower back pain, which also affected my sciatic nerve. It was so severe that I underwent two back operations for bulging discs. Even after the operations, I continued to suffer much pain. Many times I was unable to walk or sit because the pain was so severe.

    On one of my regular dental check-ups, I was talking to Dr. Michael Rozeluk, who also had been suffering with back pain. He noticed my pain and told me the most remarkable story of his healing. He knew that I was not Catholic but Muslim, however he continued and told me that he had been to Garabandal, Spain where the Blessed Mother Mary had appeared and that he had a blessed medal which cured his pain. This medal carried Her promise that:Her Son, Jesus would perform many miracles, through Her kiss on this medal. Dr. Rozeluk talked about some of the many miracles that he had witnessed with other people. He told me that the Virgin Mary had said that: "They are all My children" and She loves us all. I believed him. He had the medal in his pocket but I was too shy to ask him to please use it on me.

    At the end of my dental appointment, as I got up from the chair to leave, Dr. Rozeluk must have sensed that I wished to see this medal from Garabandal. Suddenly he took the medal from his pocket and pressed it against my back. Immediately I experienced something. A warm glow came through my body and I felt cured. While holding the medal on my back, Dr. Rozeluk quietly said a prayer. When he finished I was not sure what had happened. I felt dazed and dizzy. Dr. Rozeluk had to hold me up. He knew that something good had happened to me and he told me to thank God. I left his office still in a state of pleasant shock. The important thing is that I have not had a back pain since that time. That was approximately three years ago!

    I cannot thank Dr. Rozeluk and his wife, Helen, enough for what they did for me. But most of all, I thank God for what He did for me.

    God Bless you both.

Raphiq B. Gajraj
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 10, 2003

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