Toronto 2007: Healing of My Eyes - Wieslawa


April 26, 2007


In the autumn of 2005, I began to have problems with my eyes. They bothered me especially at work, because [the premises was] brightly lit. My eyes were constantly red and dry (the sensation of sand in my eyes). In October I went to see my optometrist, but she assured me that it was only an inflammation and that the pressure in my eyes was normal. She prescribed antibiotic eye drops.

For a while the eye drops helped me but later everything was as [bad as] before. I discussed this with my family doctor and he recommended moisturizing eye drops. However, when I returned back to my doctor because there was no improvement, to the contrary - my condition became worse, he referred me to an eye specialist.

After a preliminary examination, the specialist found that I have "sparks" in both my left and my right eyes (the pressure in my right eye was 18 and in my left - 25). He sent me for laser treatments, which were done in January, 2006 at Toronto Western Hospital. He himself performed the treatment.

After this procedure, I had two more visits [with the specialist], the second at my own request. I complained that I felt no great improvement, while the doctor assured me that I no longer have the sparks and that everything looks all right. I would only need to use moisturizing eye drops.

I struggled like this with my eyes until March, when my manager at work took pity on me and referred me to her own eye specialist in Brampton, Ontario, who had helped her a great deal. My first appointment with him was scheduled for April 6, 2006.

In the meantime, on March 28 , I had a dental appointment with my dentist, Dr. Michael Rozeluk. Three months previously, I had mentioned to him about my eye problems. So this time, as he was checking my teeth, he asked me, "So how are your eyes now?" I answered that what would probably help the most would be if he just put his hand (with his medal of Our Lady from Garabandal) on my eyes and prayed for my healing.

Doctor Rozeluk was quite busy that day but my words must have touched his heart because, at the end of my appointment, he asked his wife, Helen, if she has her medal from Garabandal with her. [When she said yes], he asked if she would pray with me for the healing of my eyes.

Helen agreed and led me into a separate room. I sat in a chair, while Helen put her miraculous medal on my forehead, close to my eyes, and began to pray to the Blessed Virgin for the healing of my eyes.

At first I felt a great tension in my body, probably from the lengthy dental procedure, but after a couple of minutes I felt all my muscles relaxing as my heart filled with tremendous peace. I remember also praying to Our Blessed Mother for my healing.

After a certain time I heard Helen's words, that Our Lady had placed in her heart, that my eyes would be healed on Easter Sunday. These words touched me deep in my heart.

Later, on April 5, 2006, I underwent a very thorough eye examination in Brampton, Ontario. I received a prescription for new eyeglasses and a moisturizing gel for my eyes and I was instructed to return after seven days for a followó up appointment.

On Holy Saturday, April 25, 2006, there was an enormous improvement in my eyes. I no longer felt the excessive sensitivity to light. There was no more sensation of sand in my eyes and the redness in my eyes was subsiding. The improvement was, I would say, about 75%.

A further improvement came when, on May 5, 2006, I watched the video "The Kiss of Our Lady Heals - II". I experienced this film very deeply. It shows so many miraculous healings in Ukraine in 2004, through the intercession of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal.

I underwent another eye examination in Brampton on September 13, 2006. The pressure in my eyes was excellent - 10 in my right eye and 10 in my left eye.


Many months have gone by since then and the condition of my eyes remains good. By means of this testimony, I wish to express my gratitude to Our Lady of Garabandal for the healing of my eyes.

God bless.

Wieslawa Skoczylas-Debska

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

April 26, 2007

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