A Cure in the United States

By Fr. M. Laffineur and M.T. le Pelletier
Reprinted with permission from the book STAR ON THE MOUNTAIN, Chapter 59

We are publishing the following testimony because it is accompanied by a duly signed and notarized document. However we would be remiss in our duty if we did not confirm that, quite often, the mail which we receive on the subject is absolutely amazing. The letters might be from France, where these cases are most numerous, or from Austria, America, Germany, in fact from everywhere. 

    In New York, those who are interested in the subject have told us eagerly of the incredible favors that they have obtained, and have signed their depositions in our presence.

    This has been an extremely moving experience for us because these cures have been the occasion of profound conversions, and occasionally entire families have been converted.

    It would seem that Our Lady of Garabandal is interested especially in persons stricken with cancer.

    When She does not obtain the cure which is required, God will often ease the suffering of the afflicted, or will stop the pain entirely. In terminal cases, we have seen that She helps even those whose death seems certain.

    All the reports mention the use of religious objects which have been either kissed or touched by the Virgin during an apparition. The religious object used is almost always a medal. Here is one such letter:

76 Norman Road
Brockton, Massachusetts 02402
November 30, 1966
Ave Maria
His Eminence Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect
Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Vatican City -- Through the Virgin Mother may the Lord grant us salvation and peace.

    In obedience and submission to the heirarchy, the following account is placed unconditionally in the hands of the proper ecclesiastical authority, and I declare before the world that I accept their final decision, in advance, whatever it may be.

    Attached is the testimony written by the doctor of a lady who was cured by a rosary kissed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal.

    The daughter and I touched the woman's foot with the kissed rosary and, as sick as she was, I asked her to pray as many rosaries as she felt she could.

    The woman knew nothing about the reported apparitions that have been taking place since 1961 in the little village of San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain. She had simply been told that the rosary had been kissed by our Blessed Mother. I left the kissed rosary with her until the next night when I returned to the hospital to get it.

    In the meantime, we had asked many people to pray that she would not have to have her leg amputated. We begged Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal to put her under Her mantle and to give all of us the grace to accept with love, the holy will of God -- all for His honor and glory.

    May the Virgin Mary, with Her loving Child, in the company of St. Joseph and St. Michael the Archangel, bless all of mankind and the entire world.

    Asking for your special prayers and blessings.

Maria Carmela Saraco
Reprinted with permission
from the book STAR ON THE MOUNTAIN

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