Children Write from Ukraine:

Father Zenovy with some of the children healed in Radcha, Ukraine.
Note: ALL who came into this room gave testimonies of healing as a result of their kissing the medal of Garabandal.

Rib Cage Now Normal

November 23, 2002

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

    My name is Mykhailo. I live in the village of Radcha. I am 14 years old. I had noticed that the left side of my rib cage was smaller than the right. This didn't bother me, but it was a source of worry for my parents as well as for me. I went to the healing service four times: once to Mrs. Helen (Rozeluk), when she was in our village, and then three times to Father Zenovy.

    Yesterday my class was given a medical check-up. The doctors examined me and said that I am perfectly healthy. Yes, my rib cage is normal.

    I sincerely thank the Rozeluks, (and) the Blessed Virgin Mary for the grace received for my body as well as my soul. Now my life has become more meaningful, I have become spiritually enriched.

Mykhailo Vatseba
village of Racha, Ukraine
November 23, 2002

*    *    *
Nosebleeds Stop

    I am 13 years old. I live in the village of Radcha, Tysmenytsia Region, Ivano-Frankivsk province, Ukraine. My name is Maria. I would like to express my thanks to these people, who came to my village on September 21, 2002.

    Every morning, when I woke up, I always had a nosebleed. I often tried very hard to stop the bleeding, but that was hardly ever successful. When I heard that there were "healers" in our village, I had the idea to go there. Mrs. Helen and Dr. Michael were healing many people and I went too. I am much better now. Thank you.

    After this time I have not had one nosebleed. The Blessed Mother of God is constantly with these people.

village of Radcha, Ukraine
November 23, 2002

ED NOTE:  The Rozeluks came to talk in Ukraine and in the cities about the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her love for Her people. The Rozeluks are the first to say that ONLY GOD is the healer. It is God who heals. All they can do, is to pray and to use the medal which Mother Mary kissed and asked all Her people to use. She said: "Through My kiss, My Son Jesus will perform many prodigies throughout the world...." And this is certainly being proven! Glory be to God!

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