My story begins on February 20, 1998. I was returning home from the evening shift at work. It was almost midnight. As I was crossing the street to reach my son, who had come to pick me up, a car suddenly hit me.

The ambulance rushed me to Scarborough Grace Hospital in Scarborough (the eastern suburb of Toronto). X-rays revealed that my pelvic bone was broken in three places. My sacral bone (the base of my spine) was also broken but, thank God, no permanent damage was visible. I did not need an operation. However, there was little that doctors could do except give me pain killers and monitor me. You cannot put a cast around the pelvis.

After a week in the hospital, I was sent home with painkillers and a walker. I was not able to place any weight on my pelvic bone or hips. Even sitting caused excruciating pain. Walking was barely possible. I required the help of my family to move about in my house or even to get in and out of bed. I was fortunate that my friend Maria is a registered nurse. She came to my home almost daily to check on my progress and to help me. My recuperation was expected to last several months, since the pelvic bone is the thickest one in the body and has to carry its whole weight.

My friends were shocked at the news of my accident. Soon they contacted Bishop Roman Danylak, who was still in Toronto at the time. The week after I returned home, he was kind enough to visit me and bring me Holy Communion. Then he prayed over me.

One week later, another friend of mine, Johnny McGillion, called Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk and asked them if they would come to my home to also pray for me with their medals that were touched to Our Blessed Motherís kiss in Garabandal. I had never met Michael or Helen before but I did want to see them after I heard about Dr. Michaelís cure and Our Ladyís visit to Garabandal. We arranged that Dr. Mike and Helen would come the following evening. That was March 11, 1998.

When they arrived, Maria (my nurse friend) was already there. It took me a long while to make my way to the living room where my son had seated Dr. Michael and Helen. My sonís girlfriend was also present. The pain in my body was excruciating. Maria helped me sit down between Dr. Michael and Helen. To relieve the pressure on my hips, she placed a sofa cushion under my feet. We talked for a while. They told me about the Blessed Motherís apparitions in Garabandal, about Her messages (see Our Ladyís messages), about Dr. Michaelís miraculous healing (see Cure of Dr. Rozeluk). Then I asked them to pray over me with their most special medals that have Our Ladyís kiss on them.

In addition to their medals, Dr. Michael also took out of his pocket a special crucifix that contains a piece of the True Cross. When Maria held it in her hands, she experienced something very special. (That story will be told at another time). Because of this, Dr. Michael insisted that we had to call Bishop Danylak immediately after the prayer. During all this, I was half sitting and half lying down and, naturally, in a great deal of pain.

They placed their medals on my hips and pelvic bone. They began to pray. The medals became hot and then the pain was suddenly gone. I cried out that pain was all gone! Helen suddenly asked if I could stand. Without even thinking about it and before anyone could react, I just stood up without any kind of support. My son was still leaning over to get my cane and there I was, standing over him. It is impossible to describe the astonished look on his face.

At this time, Dr. Michael went into the kitchen to telephone Bishop Danylak. While they were talking, I began to walk. I walked into the kitchen all by myself, then into the dining room, into the living room and around again...and again. Everyone was screaming Ė screams of joy. Of course, Bishop Danylak wanted to know what had happened. When Dr. Michael told him, he asked to speak to me immediately.

I took the phone and repeated to Bishop Danylak what I have just written down. He praised God and gave Him thanks. Then he asked us all to gather around the telephone and we all said a prayer of thanksgiving to God. There were six of us present around the telephone and he, Bishop Danylak, was the seventh. Then he blessed me over the phone and our conversation ended.

As the Rozeluks were getting ready to leave, I felt a sudden urge to walk up the stairs of my house. My son did not want me to try but I knew that I could. There were more screams of joy as I walked up the stairs without even so much as using the handrails of the staircase. I got up to the top, turned around and declared that I have ABSOLUTELY no pain. Then I walked down those stairs again. I cried! We all cried. Dr. Michael and Helen then asked me to have new x-rays taken of my pelvic bone. I agreed.

I went to bed that evening totally pain-free and so very happy. The next morning, when my nurse Maria called to ask how I felt, I had already been up for some time, cooking up a storm in my kitchen after a very restful and wonderfully pain-free night.

One week later, I joined Dr. Michael and Helen at St. Josaphatís Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral for Mass and I walked up the many entrance stairs of the church by myself, with no outside aids. I did have my pelvic bone x-rayed again and my bones have healed normally. I am fine and I thank God continually for my health and that wonderful miracle in my life.

It has now been over one year since this wonderful miracle took place. In obedience to my dear Bishop, I am writing this story and encouraging others to truly believe. Our Lord Jesus does have a most wonderful and merciful heart. His Mother Mary can and does intercede on our behalf many times but we have to live as Our Lady requested and obey Godís laws. I thank Jesus every day for His love and the wonderful gift of Her kiss that His Mother Mary has left on these medals and so many other blessed objects in Garabandal. She promised then, that through Her kiss, Her Son would perform many miracles and prodigies. Indeed, Her words have come true once again. Amen.

Angela Bolcic
Scarborough, Ontario

April 20, 1999