Broken Back Straightens

by Linda Frandson
Penetanguishene, Ontario

  So many things happen in life that we do not or cannot understand. It is precisely because of such an unexpected event that I came to truly understand the love of God and to thank Him even more today.
    In the summer of 1995, I received a gift that will last me forever! Many years before, when I was much younger,  I suffered a very serious back injury. My back was broken. From then on I suffered constant, excruciating pain. I was fortunate to be able to walk but I could not stand up straight and was always hunched over. The bones in my back were crooked and were sticking out every which way. You could easily feel them sticking out everywhere.

    On a very hot Saturday afternoon at the end of July, 1995, there was a religious conference in the nearby town of Meaford, Ontario. Bishop Roman Danylak was to present his witnessing about the Eucharistic Miracle at Naju, Korea. Also scheduled to speak was a man who had been miraculously healed the previous year in Garabandal, Spain (where Our Lady was supposed to have appeared in the 1960's). I decided to go to this event.

    The church was packed in spite of the very hot weather. We began with the rosary. Bishop Danylak then spoke of his fantastic witnessing of "The Eucharistic Miracle of Naju". Then he introduced Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, who showed us a documentary video about the apparitions and messages of Our Lady in Garabandal. When the video presentation was completed, Helen and Dr. Michael gave their talk. It was Dr. Michael, a dentist from Toronto, who had been miraculously healed by Our Lady in Garabandal the previous year on Easter Sunday. Throughout Helen and Dr. Michael's presentation, they kept stressing Mother Mary's request in Garabandal for all of us to go to frequent confession. It so touched the hearts of us all present, that of the 90-95 participants, around 85 people went to confession. Since Bishop Danylak was the only priest present, he was kept very busy throughout the afternoon and evening.

    After the Rozeluks' presentation, Bishop Danylak celebrated the Divine Liturgy upstairs in the church. Following Mass, he invited Helen and Dr. Mike to come to the front and make the medal with Our Lady's kiss available for veneration. He blessed us all and then went back to hear more confessions. Although this was a very hot sunny day, no one left the church. We all stood in line waiting for our turn to kiss the medal and to be prayed over with it.

    When I came up to Dr. Michael, he placed his hand with the medal on my back. He felt how the bones were sticking out and the extremely distorted shape of my back. Immediately he said that it was the bishop that should pray for me. However, I wanted Dr. Michael's prayers. Reluctantly he agreed but told me that I should wait to the end, so that Bishop Roman could also pray for me because this was serious. I agreed and waited. Little did I know at the time, that this was all pre-planned by God, because what transpired later was a surprise for all.

    By the time Bishop Danylak finished hearing the last confession, it was close to 9 p.m. in the evening. He came downstairs for a cup of tea. Then Dr. Michael introduced me to the bishop, saying, "This is the lady that I told you about and her severe back problem,..." and as he was presenting me to the bishop, I interrupted and said: "But my back is fine now!" Bishop Danylak asked Dr. Michael to place his hand on my back and feel the bones. My back was perfectly straight and smooth. I could stand up straight. There was no pain. We were all amazed. We all praised God.

    The following day, Sunday, I travelled to Martyr's Shrine nearby in Midland where Bishop Danylak was to be saying Mass. The Rozeluks were also scheduled to be there. I found them and told them that all was still well with my back, praise God. I offered up my Sunday Mass at this holy shrine in thanksgiving for the wonderful gift God had given me through His Blessed Mother's kiss on these medals.

    Later that afternoon I went to my mother's for dinner. As I was leaving, she remarked, "Linda, your back is straighter!" It really is straighter and pain free also. I am sure that the good Lord led me to you both, Helen and Michael. So many wonderful things are happening to me, all because I love Him so much with every breath I take and with every beat of my heart. I live for Him alone. He is my Guiding Light and the "LOVE OF MY LIFE". How can I ever go wrong with the Blessed Virgin, Our Holy Mother, and my Blessed and Holy Lord Jesus watching over me always. I will thank my Dearest Father in heaven for sending the gift of His Son to us for as long as I live. Many thanks, Michael and Helen, for coming into my life. Keep on giving your beautiful testimonies to all who will listen and even to those who do not believe, for one day God will change their hearts also. Amen!

Love and prayers,

Linda Frandson
Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada
October 2001.

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