My Eye is Fine!
(My experience with Our Lady's medal from Garabandal)

    This happened in the fall of 2002. I usually have my eyes examined every two years. So, since it was time, I went to my appointment at the clinic of the renown opthalmologist, Dr. Dello Russo. It is difficult to get an appointment with the doctor himself because he is usually visiting other clinics, performing difficult and complicated surgery. The check-ups are usually done by other qualified doctors (opthalmologists), with the help of their technical assistants.

    That day, a young assistant was putting drops in my eyes to dilate the irises for the check-up. She was to put one drop in each eye but, somehow, accidentally, emptied half a bottle into my right eye. I quickly wiped the liquid off my face and thought nothing of it. The eye examination went very well and I went home. It was evening.

    After four hours, I had trouble looking at the light. Light stung my eyes painfully. In this condition I went to sleep.

    I woke up around 2 am and noticed that, with my right eye I was seeing the room as though through grey smoke which was thickening with each moment. Everything in that eye was becoming darker and darker. I could not fall back asleep because my eye also started to ache. I began to pray because I saw that I was helpless. After about half an hour, I could no longer see with my right eye. I was blind. The slight ache in my eye turned into unbelievable, excruciating pain. It felt as though someone with a sharpened spoon was trying to scoop out my eye. It was like a scraping of metal against bone. I was seized by panic and fear! Both eyes were open, yet I could see with only one. I was blind! My whole body began to tremble. To go and summon help from my family upstairs, in my condition of pain, blindness and shaking, was impossible. I lay there and realized that this could turn out to be a lawsuit against the (eye) clinic. But did I want the money? No! Not at all! I wanted my eyesight! I wanted to see!

    I turned to God in fervent prayer. "Merciful God, almighty Lord, I turn to only You, because there is no other God in the world! Give me my sight, the health of my eye! I will thank you every day, for as long as I live!"

    The pain was horrible and I was alone. I felt that I would either faint or die from the rapid beating of my heart ... A spark of hope! ...I remembered about the medal of Our Lady from Garabandal that I had, shortly before, received from Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk from Toronto. The medal was in my jewelry box on my dresser by the bed. But how was I to find it with these shaking fingers, and I couldn't even get out of bed. O Mother of God and my Mother, help me! With all my strength I reached into the jewelry box. Suddenly I felt something small and flat ... the Medal! Mother Mary Herself had lifted it up to my fingers! With my trembling hands I placed the medal on my eye or, rather, in my eye socket because, after all that gouging, it felt  as if I had no eye left there.

    Immediately I felt a kind of unearthly peace. Was that before death? I felt sleepy. But how can one fall asleep in such excruciating pain? Again I felt a warmth enveloping me and after that I remember nothing.

    I woke up. Daylight was already brightening the room. I looked at my alarm clock seeing clearly through both eyes - it was 5 o'clock. There was no pain! Is this a dream or reality? I touched my eyes ... both eyes were there and on the right eye was my medal. I was healed! Miraculously healed! What joy! I took the medal and kissed it over and over again. I knelt by my bed and crossed myself with the medal. I thanked God, Jesus, Mother Mary of Garabandal for this wonderful healing. In my excitement I couldn't find the right words of gratitude, so I just knelt there and expressed my thanks in tears of joy.

    In the morning, I notified the clinic about what had happened. This time, because this was a ciritical matter, even Dr. Dello Russo was present. He asked me to come to the clinic right away and tell him everything. This I did. He checked  my eyes again. Everything was completely in order. My eyes were normal, undamaged. I showed him the medal. He admitted that this healing, without a doctor or any kind of medical intervention, was a miracle! My diagnosis - acute glaucoma - would still have been at least partially present or would have left its bad effects. He shook my hand and thanked me when I assured him that I would not be taking any kind of legal action.

    A year has gone by. My eye is normal and healthy. As I promised God, so I am keeping it: to thank Him every day, to the end of my life, for this special grace.

Jaroslava Julianna Borzemsky
New Jersey, USA
November 12, 2003 

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