Pearl Bodnar

"Prayer Can Break Steel"

    The time has come for me to write about my own miraculous healing.  Although this happened four years ago, in 1998, I shall never forget it.  Even now I cry when thinking about what happened. However, I want to thank God, who gave me the grace to live a little longer, so that I could still be of help to my husband and my grandchildren.  Three months ago, God called my husband, Michael, to be with Him. It is now time for me to give my testimony. I want everyone to know how good God is!

    My name is Pearl Bodnar. I live in Scarborough (Toronto), Canada.  My family and I belong to the Ukrainian Catholic parish of Sts. Peter and Paul in Scarborough. I am 82 years old.

    In 1997, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. In November of that year, the cancer was removed at Scarborough Centenary Hospital. It was a difficult operation. The doctors were not sure if the cancer had not also spread to the lymphatic system. However, after a long hospital stay, I was allowed to go home. I was able to be at home for Christmas and New Years Day.  In January of 1998 I began a six-week-long session of chemotherapy treatments. This completely exhausted me and made me feel horribly ill. Although I did not lose my hair, I was constantly vomiting. I also lost a lot of weight and always felt unbelievably tired. For me these treatments were not worth so much pain and suffering. I stopped the treatments and gradually began to feel better.

    Three weeks later, in April, 1998 - one week before Easter, I was suddenly attacked by severe vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, I began to hemorrhage and generally felt very ill. I could not even lift myself out of bed. My family tried to help me as best they could. They brought me all sorts of medications, vitamins, teas, but nothing helped. My body rejected everything and I became completely dehydrated. It was a great disappointment for me to miss church on Easter Sunday. Instead, my family had to take me back to the hospital.

    This time, when I was being taken to the hospital, I thought I would never return home again. My stomach swelled up like a huge balloon. Everything inside my stomach was in excruciating pain. It felt as though my intestines had burst. That's how bad the pain was. It was unbearable.  When the doctors were examining me, something inside me burst. The hospital conducted all sorts of tests but they could find nothing wrong and could not help me in any way. The doctors simply had no idea why all this was happening. They did not think that this was a result of the operation, but they still didn't know what was wrong with me. They even checked out my liver - but it was all right as well. In the meantime, my pain became worse and worse. The situation became critical. Nothing could be done.

    Then my daughter, Olga, telephoned Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. They came to see me at the hospital. Besides Olga, my granddaughter, Andrea, was also there with me. We all prayed the Rosary together. Then Dr. Michael and Helen placed their medals from Garabandal (with Mother Mary's kiss) on my stomach and continued to pray. The prayers helped immediately. The medal suddenly became hot, so much so that I began to perspire. The Rozeluks noticed that my swollen stomach began to reduce in size. My symptoms eased off, my pain disappeared and I felt -- peace.

    A few days later I returned home. No one thought that I would get better. Even the doctors and nurses believed that I would not leave the hospital alive. But Mother Mary helped with Her prayer and God healed me.

    From that day four years ago, I feel very well. I need no medication. I thank God each day for everything and I never miss going to church. I have given myself into the hands of Jesus and His Blessed Mother for all eternity.

    I want everyone to know how good God is, so that they would return to Him wholeheartedly, that they go to church more often and believe and pray because I know from my own experience how good is our God.  Prayer can move mountains. Prayer can even break steel.

    Thank you, God!

Pearl Bodnar
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
January, 2002

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