God's Gift to Me

By Barbara Barlow, R.N.
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         The following miracle has led to many baptisims.   Other miraculous things have happened, while working with my patients and showing them my medal. In fact another nurse, I was working with, did not believe until she looked at the medal, and her unborn baby leapt in her womb. She was thinking of terminating the pregnancy, because of an unhappy marriage.  Well she started crying, her marriage was saved, they are back in church, and have 3 beautiful children. 

    I first met a little boy, named Gil, on May 15, where I worked in an oncology unit.  He had been admitted to my floor to spend his last days as comfortable as possible.  He was seventeen years old, had brown hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes, I had ever seen.  He was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins disease.  Now all his muscles but the heart, has collapsed  and we were using no life support systems.  We were told to give him pain medication, and moral support.  Most of the time he refused his pain medication because he said it made him dizzy and he did not want to sleep all the time.  He had had a long course of chemotherapy and blood transfusions and had been promised "no more needles".  As the days passed, I found myself going to Gil's room more and more often. I would take him something to read, or put him in a wheelchair, because he loved to go outside to smell the grass, when it was being mowed. He was such a sweet, gentle person, always saying thank you for the little things I did for him. He looked and reminded me of my son David, who was in Germany. I tried to tell myself not to get involved because I might get hurt, but try as I might, I could not resist going back to his room. When it came time for my day off, I brought a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with me, and I put it up on the wall at the foot of his bed. To everyone that came into his room, Gil would say "see my Jesus"?

    The relationship developed and Gil seemed no longer frightened of the hospital. He would kiss me goodby when I went off duty and be asking for me when I came on duty. On June 3, I went off duty at 3p.m. At 4:00 p.m., my phone rang and it was the oncologist's nurse telling me that Gil was slipping away quickly. I hurried back to the hospital and sat with Gil, and his mom, about four hours, holding his hand and praying for him. He was having Cheyne-Stokes breathing, and was very weak. He would open his eyes and gaze at his Sacred Heart picture, then closed them again. Then suddenly he woke up and asked for his picture of Jesus and his bible.

The Image of Sacred Heart

    On Friday, June 6 at about 6:30 p.m., I was standing in my kitchen, praying for Gil, and looking at my Garabandal relic medal. There on the relic part of the medal, now was the image of the Sacred Heart.

    That night I could not sleep. I kept waking up and it kept coming to me to ask Gil"s mom, if he had been baptised. I knew he had attended Catholic school and it said on his chart, that he was baptist. The next morning I went immediately to Gil's room. I showed the medal to Gil's mother and I ask her to tell me if she saw anything. She immediately said she saw the face of Christ "like the one on the wall". Well then I said to her: "Gil has been baptised hasn't he"? She said: "No he has not". I ran to the telephone and called the hospital chaplain. I explained the situation to him and he told me to "go ahead and baptise the boy, then I will come over later". I had a bottle of Lourdes water in my pocket so I did, as Father asked, and baptised Gil. I had told Gil's mom what I was going to do and she said: "go ahead, I just want my son to go to heaven". About the time Gil started vomiting blood, the chaplain came to the room. Father gave Gil the Sacrament of the Sick. Gil had been vomiting blood for four days, but as soon as he was baptised, the bleeding ceased. He sat up and responded to the prayers Father was saying and he blessed himself with the sign of the cross. His face reminded me of the pictures I had seen of angels.

    I showed my medal to Father and he saw the image of the Sacred Heart and also the crown of thorns. The image is in color. Jesus hair is brown and around the red heart, is a glow of light. There is a bluish green color around His shoulders.

    The next day was Sunday. Gil was much worse and very weak. He did not even ask to get up in his wheelchair. I rubbed his body with my relic medal, and he slept.

    On Monday, June 9th, he ate food, for the first time in 2 weeks. He wore my relic medal all day and saw the image of the Sacred Heart, while he sat up in his wheel chair.

God's Gift to me.

    So many things went thru my mind, as I looked down at him: the love he had given me as I cared for him, the concern for us when we cried, him telling his mom that he was sorry for all the trouble he was causing everyone, the arguing with me about taking his pills -- although he would give in and take them, the look of peace on his face as he lay sleeping, the indescribable look on his face as he lay staring at his picture of Jesus. My heart was full of love and grief as I looked at this gift from God, to me.

    I had been touched by the stories his mom shared with me about his singing all the way to church, on Sunday morning when he was little. Gil loved to sing and he also loved to hook school and come see his mom at work. These beautiful memories were lovingly shared with me, by his mom, and we stood and gazed at her dying child. I shall be eternally grateful to her for sharing his past with me. I, as his nurse, had given so little and received so much. I knew he would soon be in heaven, and my selfish heart ached with grief.

    Monday June 16, I reported to work and immediately went to Gil's room.  He lay so still, pale, and weak.  His mom had bathed him, and I helped her change his bed.

    Gil wanted something to bring so I got him an orange drink, that he especially liked. He started vomiting again, and his mouth was very sore from his treatments -- but he never complained. I leaned down, and received my usual kiss on the cheek. Later in the afternoon I went in and he grabbed my hands and pulled them down to his debilitated legs and feet, letting me know he wanted them rubbed. He was having muscle spasms again. I rubbed his legs and feet and medicated him. The doctor came in and tried to talk with Gil but he did not respond. I kissed my little friend goodby, for the last time.

With a Smile on his face.

    At 5:00 a.m.  June 17, my telephone rang. My heart lurched as I answered. It was Gil's aunt telling me that at 2:a.m., Gil had gone to be with Jesus. At 5:45 Gil's mom called. She said she didn't want me to get to work and hear about Gil there. She told me that I took her place when she wasn't with him. She thanked me for all I had done.

    I went to work with a heavy heart. As I tried to get thru the day I kept looking down the hall, to my little friend's room. He had died "with a smile on his face" they told me, but my heart longed for one more kiss from this beautiful soul. I kept telling myself that he is with his Jesus whom he loved so much.  I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that, if I am judged worthy, to enter into the kingdom of heaven, this little soul will be one of the first ones to greet me.

    On June 18, I went to the funeral home so see my little friend once again. As I was gazing at him, I wondered why the image of the Sacred Heart is still with me. Then in walked a nurse who was also very close to Gil. She wanted to see my medal. As she looked at it, she cried out: " I see it! I see it! The holy face of Jesus." She burst out crying and asked me where she could obtain a kissed relic. I gave her one of mine, and promised her a copy of the book "Our Lady comes to Garabandal".  I then thought about what I had done, and realized what else Jesus was trying to tell me. The message of Our Lady still has to be spread and there must be many more souls hungering to hear about it. Many people have asked to see my medal and many other need to see it.  I feel this is the reason I have been so blessed. 

NOTE from BARBARA:    Well Dr Mike, I still see the Sacred Heart at Mass. If anyone would like to send me their name, I will pray for them, as I hold the relic.  You have my permission to give them my email address. I feel this is very important, because I really believe time is very important right now. Thank you.  PHOTO: Barbara Barlow at right.

Love in Jesus and Mary  

June 5, 2003
by Barbara Barlow,
Columbus, Ohio., USA

Barbara's E-Mail address is: blessusstpio@aol.com

The Workers of Our Lady, thank Barbara for this most stirring article of love and faith. God Bless you Barbara for making this article available to all of us.
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