Written by Anastazja Kaliszczak
December, 2001.

Skin Condition Disappears


    My name is Anastazja Kaliszczak. I live in Warren, Michigan, USA. Last year, I travelled with a group of tourists to Ukraine. The trip seemed to go very well but, when I returned home, I became ill. A heavy rash suddenly appeared on my face, chest and armpits. It was unbearably itchy and, at the same time, very painful. Soon afterwards, the rash on my chest developed into open sores which oozed some sort of fluid. I consulted various doctors (at least ten). They were puzzled. At first they thought  I had developed some sort of cancer from the radiation in the Kiev area that I had visited (the ever-present legacy of Chernobyl). A biopsy was done on my breast tissue but the results showed nothing. They tried all kinds of injections, various creams and ointments but nothing helped. In addition to all this, I suffered from constant severe pain in my head, neck and spine. It was so bad that I was completely unable to turn my head to the left. This situation remained unchanged for a whole year.

    One day, some of my friends decided to visit the Ukrainian monastery in Woodstock, Ontario and I joined them. This was on the last Saturday in August, 2001 when the monastery was celebrating their parish feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother.  After the celebrations in Woodstock, my friends drove me to Toronto, to the Slovak Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother. There is a healing Mass there on the last Saturday of each month. After the Holy Mass, celebrated by Fr. Miroslav Cajka, people are invited to come up to venerate and be prayed over with special medals that carry the kiss of Our Lady of Garabandal. I was blessed with one of these medals by Helen Rozeluk, and  later again by Dr. Michael Rozeluk.

    After the service, we returned home to Michigan. Three days later, I looked...there was no rash! It had completely disappeared! It was as though it had never been there! Only some small stains remained where the open wounds had been. My headaches, backaches and neck pain disappeared also. They are gone to this very day and I have no trouble turning my head in any direction. I am completely well.

    What a wonderful grace of healing God has given me through the kiss of His Mother on the medals from Garabandal! It was Mother Mary and Jesus Christ Himself who healed me. As for Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, may God bless you and your family. Thank you.

Anastazja Kaliszczak,
Warren, Michigan, USA
December, 2001

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