Wrist Healing at Healing Service

Dear Helen and Dr.Michael Rozeluk:

    First of all we, Alison and Rick, would like to thank you and Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church for welcoming us to your regularly scheduled healing mass at the end of every month.

    We are writing this letter together. It has affected us both.

    Let's start from the beginning. Alison (my wife) loves to play hockey. She has played "ringette" for most of her life andd, more recently, she played hockey for six years. Then, during one game, Alison was slashed (struck sharply) across the wrist by another player's stick. The injury was serious and very painful. In spite of the severe pain, Alison continued to play hockey for two more years with an injured right wrist. However, the discomfort and pain were so bad that Alison finally had to quit playing her favorite game, hockey.

    For about three to four years Alison’s wrist was sore. She could not move her hand at all or drink and even do her daily activities. She would be in so much pain that even her sleep was affected. She never got a good night's sleep. For the past two years, Alison tried physiotherapy to correct this problem and alleviate the pain. It did not help her.

    Since nothing else was helping her, I, (Alison’s husband, Rick) decided to search the Internet to try and find a healing mass. I discovered that one was being held on the last Saturday of each month at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Scarborough, Ontario, where a medal kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal was used. When I asked Alison if she wanted to go, she said yes.

    The day of the healing Mass was rainy and hot. In addition to that, Alison was feeling very ill all day. In the evening, during Mass, she felt so hot, dizzy and lightheaded, that we had to step out of the church for a while.

    We also discovered something new. Alison and I are both Roman Catholics but, as the Holy Mass progressed, we found it different from our Mass. It was explained to us later, that this was a Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Mass was the Byzantine rite Holy Liturgy of St. John Chrisostom. We learned that the Byzantine Rite is one of many Rites of the Catholic Church with the Pope as head.

    After the Mass, everyone lined up to approach the people at the front of the church. Alison went to see Helen. She told Helen about her sore wrist. Helen placed the kissed medal of Our Lady of Garabandal on Alison’s wrist and said a prayer. Alison started to feel a tingling and warmth in her wrist that was not there before. Then, almost instantly, the pain in her wrist disappeared. She started to cry. Alison knew that God has healed her wrist through the kissed medal of Our Lady of Garabandal, Her promise She made in Garabandal and Helen’s prayers. And the sickness she had felt all that day disappeared also.

    On the way home that evening,  Alison and I decided to stop for a big slushie (like ice cream). As I watched her eating, I asked: “Are you using your sore wrist?” Alison replied “Yes, but it is not sore.”

    The following weekend, on August 4, 2006, we went camping with another married couple to Georgian Bay, Ontario. We all went swimming almost every day. We also played “bocce ball” and took part in many other activities, all of which involved throwing and catching a ball of some sort. Alison participated with the rest of us, and her wrist did not hurt or bother her at all.

    We have learned that, if we follow the word of God and believe in Him, all is possible. We learned that we had to have trust in God, in Our Lady and Our Catholic Church and pray and do as St. Padre Pio said: “Pray, trust and don't worry”.

    Thank you Helen and Dr. Michael Rozeluk, Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, the people, Our Lady of Garabandal for Your medal with Your kiss (and promise which was kept) and especially God for this healing. We shall never forget this.

From Alison and Rick

August 2006
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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