Amazing Healing After Kissing Medal of Our Lady
    This is  a short story of one of the amazing healings which happened recently during our trip to Ukraine in May 2004. This is the story of a young man named Nazar. He was born 20 years ago. Since birth he has been severely paralyzed and totally unable to move any part of his body. His mother has cared for him totally. His arms, hands and legs have been immobile for 20 years. His hands have been clenched into tight fists for 20 years. To try to unwrap those fingers was almost impossible: they would close up again immediately.

     Then  Our Lady's kissed medal came to Ukaine in May, 2004.  Nazar's mother brought him to a church in Kolomya, Ukraine. When Nazar was wheeled up for prayers to venerate the precious medal, his hands  and fingers loosened and untwisted. From then on, they remained open. A holy card was placed into his open hands. Nazar's face shone brightly and his hands now looked normal.

    Nazar came again the following day to the city of Nadvirna. This time his arms became uncoiled from his body and he was able to move and lift up his arms. His hands were still straight and open. We were informed that, on the way home that night, Nazar sang to his mother as he was so happy.  Nazar returned again a third time, to the Cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk, and waited patiently until almost all of the massive crowd had their moment in venerating the medal of Our Lady of Garabandal brought by Helen and Dr. Michael Rozeluk. As before, Helen, Michael and Fr. Zenovy Kasko (pastor on the church in Radcha and Vice-Chancellor of the eparchy) all joined together in prayer around him. As they prayed and he kissed the medal, a medal was also placed on his legs. Suddenly his left leg moved up, and then his right. He was responding to the urgings of Michael and Helen to move his legs. And he did. One, Two --- Up , up , up. The smile on his face was a joy to behold, as he was working his legs!  And his legs were responding. What tremendous joy!

    On Mother's Day, Nazar came again, this time to the miraculous shrine in Hoshiv. He waited again until  the crowd thinned out. Nazar was happy. His face said it all. His hands were relaxed in the open position. He was now moving his legs. His arms were becoming normal also. Then, after prayer and  venerating the "medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal" he looked up at his mother, who had so patiently and lovingly looked after him for 20 years. He reached for her with his hands. He held her face for the first time in his life. He drew her close to himself and, for the first time in his life, the son kissed his mother.  All of those present (and there were very many people) cried with emotion. A medical specialist was standing right next to us. He examined Nazar's hands and shook his head in disbelief, saying that he had never seen anything like this before in all his years of medical practice.

    As God willed it, this story of Nazar was also captured on video. It is but one of the countless, amazing healings that we witnessed during this trip to Ukraine in 2004. Our Lady was there and with Her, Her Son Jesus and once again Her words: "Through My kiss, My Son Jesus, will perform many prodigies throughout the world...." have come true. Thank you, most dear and Blessed Mother. Thank you.

    We know that Nazar will continue to come to the weekly healing services celebrated by Fr. Kasko in Radcha. We also believe that Jesus will heal him completely and that, when we return to Ukraine, Nazar will be there to greet us, standing on his own two feet.

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