This is the complete text of the video which was produced in Ukraine after the visit of the Rozeluks in 2002. All these people gave their testimony in front of a camera although some names are unknown. 


    In 1961, in the remote mountain village of Garabandal, Spain, Mary, the Mother of God, appeared to 4 little girls. She kissed medals and holy objects and said: "Through this kiss, My Son Jesus will perform miracles." After this event, several medals were made available for the world to use. They were blessed in the church and touched to the original medals that the Blessed Virgin Mary kissed.

    With such holy medals, in September, 2002, Michael and Helen Rozeluk visited Ukraine. This husband and wife team was blessed for this journey by the then - Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto, Bishop Cornelius Pasichnyj. Later, in Ukraine, the Rozeluks were blessed by Bishop Sofronius Mudry, Bishop of the Eparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk.

    Even though they are Canadians, the Rozeluks inherited from their parents a great love for their fatherland, Ukraine, and this great love brought them on a special mission to Ukraine. During this 13-day mission, they took part in healing services in many churches and prayed over many ill people and children. I had the good fortune to be an eyewitness of many miraculous healings. When I expressed my amazement and awe, Helen Rozeluk humbly remarked: "Bohdan, we only hold the medals. It is Jesus Christ Himself who performs the miracles and healings."

    It is these events that I wish to describe in this documentary video, which was filmed on the last day of the Rozeluks' mission in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Unfortunately this is but a very small droplet in the sea of countless miracles which I witnessed with my own eyes.

    Videotaped in the church bell tower in the village of Radcha, just outside Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine towards the end of their mission. These are but a few of the many people who came to give witness to their healing during this mission. (Fr. Kasko, the village pastor, is seen praying over people in this room using a medal from Garabandal with Mother Mary's kiss that he received from the Rozeluks.The rosary is being recited by those present.)

BACKGROUND MUSIC: the cathedral choir of Ivano-Frankivsk, singing a hymn to the Mother of God, composed by Bohdan Shyptur.)

Fr. Zenovy Kasko:
"That which has happened in these few days here, in this village, in this chapel of ours, is very hard to explain. It cannot be submitted to logic. All I can say is to repeat the words of Elizabeth, who said to the Blessed Virgin Mary: 'And whence is this to me that the Mother of my Lord has come to me?' Strange and wonderful things are being revealed to us by the Blessed Virgin and wonderful things are happening here through Her intercession. I hold in my hand this medal from Garabandal: the kiss of the Blessed Virgin Mary for sinful people. A kiss that with great and immense power performs miracles! These children, these people gathered here have felt this kiss upon them and were healed."

(People praying with Helen and Michael over a little boy.)

My name is Lesia Boryn. I am 30 years old. Since childhood I have suffered from epilepsy. The doctors have told me that this is an incurable illness. I was at the healing service and the Mother of God helped me and I feel wonderful now. I suffered 2 to 3 epileptic attacks per week and that has all disappeared. I will always turn to the Mother of God for help. (Full testimony on web site:

Olexandra Bortnyk: "A few years ago, the doctors gave me a very hard diagnosis (cancer). The disease is progressing and it is incurable. Lately, I have found it very difficult to walk without help from others. After the first healing service, in the village of Radcha, after Dr. Michael prayed for me, and placed the medal on me, I fell to the floor so gently, as though I were on clouds. I felt his prayer in my soul. To the healing service, I walked up the stairs of the bell tower with the help of Luba Shyptur. Coming back from there, I was able to walk down the stairs by myself, without anyone's help. Believe me, on the third day of Michael and Helen's prayers over me, I felt such a spiritual uplifting and physical healing that I was even able to go to the food market by myself. I came with great faith that all will be well in my future. I understand that one must arrive at this through penance and prayer."

"I am 57 years old. My name is Marta Tsutsiak. For years I have suffered with leg pains. My legs hurt so much that I couldn't walk. Even when I was carrying a bucket of water, I could barely take one tiny step at a time. And after my healing, I didn't even notice when I could walk with no trouble at all."

(Video footage of praying over girl).

All of this began in 1961, when the Mother of God, began appearing to four little girls in Garabandal, Spain. These apparitions lasted four years. During these apparitions, the Mother of God delivered two main Messages for the world, which I will read because this is the basis of all Her apparitions. The first Message was given on October 18, 1961: (see back of Holy card for Messages - type out onto screen). And the second Message was given four years later, June 18, 1965: (GARABANDAL MESSAGES on SCREEN.)

    This is the basis of all that happened in Garabandal and later with us. During these apparitions, the Blessed Mother stressed very emphatically the importance ofpraying for priests, daily rosary, frequent confessions, daily Holy Communion, wearing the scapular, but, most importantly, to lead a good Christian life. Only in this way can we avoid God's punishment upon the world. When Our Lady appeared with the baby Jesus, the girls played with the child by giving Him pebbles. Mother Mary took these pebbles and kissed them, but said that She would rather kiss blessed objects. The people responded by bringing their rosaries, medals, icons, prayer books. Mother Mary kissed them and then they were returned to their rightful owners. And She promised that through Her kiss, Her Son would perform miracles. And this has come true and continues to happen to this day. It is through such a medal kissed by Her, that my husband Michael was healed in a miraculous way on Easter Sunday,1994.

(Video footage of artist painting icon).

My name is Michael Rozeluk. I was healed by God through the intercession of the Mother of God, in 1994. Unexpectedly, because I did not go to Garabandal so that God would heal me, I went there to pray for my deceased mother. That was the first pilgrimage of my life. I will never forget it. There things happened which I can never forget. There I learned to pray the rosary, to go to church every day, to go to confession - a true confession - every month, just as the Mother of God had asked. And, in time, we have come here to Ukraine, and we have met with people who did not know about God, did not believe, and something has happened to them. We see that Ukraine, which from the earliest of times was consecrated to the Mother of God, and there were tough times, but the Mother of God did not forget Ukraine. She is everywhere. And She is here now. Sometimes we need an additional fire. Maybe we are those small instruments that are to fan that fire even more. And this fire has started in the village of Radcha. This is not coincidental. This is all God's will. Why did the children come first and were healed first?

I could not see in one eye from my childhood. Now I can see and I want to thank the Mother of God for healing me.

I could not lift my arm (the arm was paralyzed in one position). And now I can!

FATHER WITH CHILD (Mr. Romanovich):
"I was overjoyed when I heard that a son was born to me. But when I saw that he was crippled and an invalid, I understood that this is a trial from God."

MOTHER SPEAKS: (Mrs. Romanovich):
"Our son is named Serhiy. He is one year and four months old. He has a class III leg deformity. Until now, he could only crawl. When we came here, when our turn came, we came up to Dr. Michael who was near the door, Dr. Michael took him in his arms, prayed for him and told us that our son would walk within a week by himself. The next day, the child started to walk 2 or 3 steps by himself. And then yesterday he started to walk, completely fearlessly, as you see him here. We thank them very much, Dr. Michael and Helen for coming here to Ukraine, that the Will of God led us to them, for the fact that through their prayers our son was healed by this medal kissed by Our Lady."

"I was in a major catastrophe. My spine was broken in two places and my neck was broken in two places. I was run over by a hay wagon 12 years ago. I lay in a hospital for a long time. I prayed to God and to the Mother of God. And God helped me but, even so, when the weather changed or if it was cold, I would have terrible back pain and neck pain. It would bend me over and it felt as if some great load was on my back, pushing me down. When these people came, I really wanted to come up to them. But this was not meant to be. I waited in line. I prayed the rosary, but never got to see them. I only kissed the medal that Father Zenovy had in his hand. I went home and was devastated. I cried, asking myself why I could not kiss their medal. But Fr. Zenovy later told me that the Mother of God is good and She will help you. I believed those words that truly She could help. The first day I did not feel any improvement. Only after six days, on Saturday, I woke up and felt no pain, head, neck and back all fine, as if someone had lifted all this pain from me. I prayed. I worked all day. The weather changed and it rained and I had no pain. On Sunday morning I went to church, I stood for the whole Holy Mass, I went to Holy Communion and had no pain whatsoever. I felt healthy spiritually and physically. First of all, I thank Our Lord God, the Mother of God, and the Rozeluks, and you also, Bohdan Shyptur for bringing these people to Ukraine."

"My eyesight began to deteriorate at about 30 years of age. But in the last 2 months it became much worse so that I literally could not see a person half a meter in front of me. After the healing service, I felt a hot wave come over me. I was covered with perspiration. I saw people. I saw eyes. I can see people now to a distance of one meter. I see you very well. I also suffered with a bad heart. After the healing service my heart is very good for I was able to be present at the entire Holy Liturgy without using my medication while beforehand I could not stand it, I used to have to walk out for some fresh air. I am very grateful to the Mother of God, to Our Lord and to these people who came here."

Fr ZENOVY KASKO (pastor):
"But, of all these healings, what affected me the most was the embrace of a little boy. A little boy from a small village near here, for we did not have time to ask people where they are from or who they are. They came, they longed for that kiss and we gave them the opportunity to kiss the medal. That child, after Helen Rozeluk prayed for him and said that his paralyzed arm was now fully good and functional, I went up to him, lifted him up and he wrapped that arm around my neck, a total stranger to him. He held me very tightly with that arm, a very strong grip for a child. All that was left for me to do was to kneel with him in front of the tabernacle and, together with him, thank Jesus."

After my baby was born, something happened to my spine. For four months I have been had severe pain in my spine. I knew nothing about these people, I had not heard about them and then my sister called me and said that such-and-such people have come. Why don't you go, maybe it will help you. After I came up to Michael Rozeluk, he placed the medal on my forehead and asked me my name. Then he touched the medal to my spine and I felt tremendous heat all over my back. Then he began to pray. I have never heard a prayer like that before. I saw no one around me; I only heard his voice. And then after five minutes, he asked, "Are you still in pain?" I stood there and realized that nothing was hurting at all. The people surrounded us and also began to pray. I began to sob, because all my pain was gone. I began thanking him and kissing his hands and he stopped me, saying, "Don't thank me, thank God. You believed that you would be healed and it has happened. I could not believe it until I came home and I sat there and prayed, thanking God for the fact that I was now free of pain. I tell my relatives but they don't believe that such a thing can happen.

May God Bless you and Mother Mary guide you all. She will never leave you because you are Hers from time immemorial, ever since Prince Yaroslav the Wise consecrated his kingdom to Her care after his victory over the Pechenegs, when, in thanksgiving, he built the Cathedral of St. Sophia and consecrated his entire kingdom to the Mother of God, from that time on She is here and does not forget you. And although all the forces of evil have attempted to annihilate, to destroy this country, Ukraine has remained faithful to the Mother of God. She will carry you through. You will become an example to the entire world of the great graces that God can bring about if we simply entrust ourselves to His Mother. Never forget this.

(Cathedral choir choir sings. Service and prayers for healing in village church in Radcha.)  Video ends.

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