Shaun Begins to Speak

London, Ontario, Canada
March 30, 2000
Dear Fellow Workers of Our Lady,

    For months I have been thanking God, Jesus, and the Most Blessed Mother, and all who participated in the "Embrace the Eucharist III" on Saturday November 6, 1999.

    My wife, Giavana and my four children: Stephanie Anne 12, Angela Nadine 9, Christopher Joseph 7, and Shaun Gregory 6, all attended that holy day. They loved to hear all the personal testimonies of miraculous healing. We were all very excited to take part in such a faith filled event. I was deeply touched when Monsignor Richard Carroll spoke as well as Most Rev. Bishop Roman Danylak. The day would leave an everlasting impression as I found out. We were blessed by having Rev. Joseph Finn in our city of London for years and to be with Bishop Roman Danylak for a day was something I never felt was possible.

    I wanted a day that I could spend with people who love the Holy Eucharist as much as I do. I couldn't wait for Saturday, November 6th to come, so I could hear faith filled stories of personal healing. I wanted to show my children how the power of faith can overcome any sickness. The day was everything I had hoped for and more. We all had tears in our eyes as the day ran its course. Not only did I hear people give God thanks and praise, but I got a real sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    I don't know how to write this but I will try my best to do so. On the way to the event I wore a pair of safety sunglasses because I had to travel east to get there from London. So there I was wearing sunglasses in Church. I was sitting on the left side of the Cathedral. It was late afternoon, around 4:30 or 4:45 p.m. The sun was beginning to set. It began to shine through the window and I had trouble seeing because it was a bright sun for an overcast day.

    At the front of the church, Peggy McGinty was beginning to talk about how she met Dr. Rozeluk at a convention in Minneapolis. Now she was talking about a group of Pentecostal friends. At this point, wearing safety sunglasses, I looked at the sun. It seemed to be moving back and forth in the sky. I looked away for a second because I didn't want one of my children to think that I was bored with Peggy's story. I looked up through the window again. This time the sun seemed to be peacefully dull, a sort of welcoming object in the sky. Off came the sunglasses and I was staring directly into the sun. Now I am a shade lover, and I tend to avoid the sun but it was so beautiful that I spent about two minutes enjoying it. I finally looked away only because I didn't want my children to think that I was bored with the events of the day.

    I then looked at Dr. Rozeluk and Peggy, but I could not see Peggy's face. I could not see it at all. Dr. Rozeluk had a few hairs sticking up; he was well groomed all day but now I could see, clear as day, the hairs out of place. I think Mary (reading for Donna Lee), was standing up also and I had a clear view of every detail. Peggy's face, however, was masked by something resembling a round globe, although I could see her perfectly from the neck down. What could it be? It was the Blessed Eucharist! The Host! I saw the Blessed Body of Christ while she talked. Glasses on - glasses off - no matter, I could not see any facial features. But I could see Dr. Rozeluk as clearly as day when he spoke.

    At this very point Peggy was talking about how she shared with her friends about Dr. Rozeluk's healing through the Blessed Mother, how her friends replied that it was the work of the devil or something to that effect.

    Then I looked up at the sun again, but that was no sun I was seeing. It had been replaced with a king-sized Host. It wasn't the white Host of years ago, but the brown newer type of Host we use today. But it was a Host, the kind a priest uses at Consecration, with the imprint on it. A Host in the sky! I saw it with my own eyes, in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration on November 6, 1999. I saw the Blessed Host in the sky and on Peggy's face!

    I didn't say anything to my wife at this point. On the way home I said nothing to anyone about my miracle of the sun. I should probably have told my wife because all she was thinking of was how stupid I looked, wearing safety sunglasses in church and looking into the sky!

    Now one would think that this is the end of my story. No, it isn't. After the Mass and anointing, Bishop Danylak asked Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk to come forward with their medals touched to Our Lady's kiss. He invited anyone who wished to do so, to come up and venerate these medals. We went up too. I really wasn't particularly eager to go up again but my 12-year-old Stephanie said to me, "Take Shaunie up". My wife then looked at me with tearful eyes and said, "Shaun really needs healing." She and Stephanie had been praying all along for Shaun, our youngest child.

   I was about second last in line and Dr. Rozeluk looked worn out. I told Dr. Rozeluk that I have been blessed throughout my lifetime but my son Shaun really needs Our Lady's help. I said, "Please - my son Shaun doesn't talk." I kissed the medal and my son leaned over without hesitation and kissed it also. I was looking right into Dr. Rozeluk's eyes. I really was not paying much attention to Shaun. I then said, "Thank you and my son Shaun thanks you because Shaun doesn't talk." (Comment from Dr. Rozeluk - I distinctly remember this situation and Shaun did say something to me at that time. I turned to the father and told him but evidently the father did not hear). I had a hard time keeping up to Shaun as we walked back to our seats.

    I returned to my chair. The healing service was over but I didn't want to go home. It was already after 8 pm and we had spent the whole day there. Yet here I was, with four children, putting chairs away. Shaun was not his usual self. My normally shy, clinging child was joyfully running around, folding chairs and handing them to total strangers, something he would never have done before! He didn't seem to be at all nervous with people. He seemed really happy. None of the children were misbehaving.

    After we returned home, we have had more and more surprises from Shaun. Our Shaunie should be in first grade but he is a full-time kindergarten student. Some days he spends in JK (Junior Kindergarten) and some days in SK (Senior Kindergarten). He always had trouble learning. Speech pathology classes have been unsuccessful in making him speak. He could not learn the alphabet or numbers at all. According to the experts in special education who studied him and work with him, Shaun would always be slow. He would always have trouble in life. He would be marginal at best. He would always need special help.

    Since we returned from the Embrace the Eucharist III Mission, Shaun has begun to speak on his own. He has also astounded his special education teacher because he is now learning everything so very quickly. He has all, of a sudden, blossomed into a very bright child! In these few short months he has now academically reached his normal Grade One level. His teachers cannot believe how quickly he has progressed.

    Giavana, the children and I all know that it was through the graces of the medal touched to Our Lady's kiss in Garabandal that Shaun has come such a long way. When I told my wife that I have to write this story and she said, "You can't say that. Shaun still is not perfect!" But my Shaun has come a long way. I cannot hold back my joy and gratitude any longer.

    Today is the mid-point of Lent. I will not be able to celebrate Easter without putting these words on paper. Shaun and my family proclaim the works of Our Lady. We have to open our hearts and tell our story to someone. Most of all I have to give thanks to Our Blessed Mother for the healing. She has kept Her promise when She said in Garabandal, that through Her kiss, Her Son Jesus would perform many prodigies throughout the world. Thank you, Blessed Mother, thank you, thank you!

Frank E. Udovic
London, Ont., Canada
March 30, 2000 
Dear Dr. and Mrs. Rozeluk;

     As I promised I am sending you a picture of our family as it appears in the St. George Parish Directory (1999). The picture of Shaun is from his school picture. Today is the feast of the most Holy Trinity and I just could not mail the picture on a regular day. 
    A lot of Christians don't believe in the Holy Trinity as well as alot of Catholics don't understand the concept; Three Persons in One. It is a day like today that I want to send the pictures off to you. I can't express how happy I am for the power of the Holy Spirit.
     I want the pictures to be used to inspire the people of marginal faith in the power of the Most Holy Trinity. I've been countlessly blessed by my loving wife and four children who are inspired by faith and prayers.
     You have our permission to write my story and publish our pictures. May God Bless you in doing His work and our prayers are upon you in your future endeavours. We will praise Our Most Holy Mother in keeping your ministries active and may She shower you with all the necessary graces. God bless you.

Frank Udovic,
London , Ontario, Canada

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