Sense of Humour


God Has a Sense of Humour


Many times we think that God is only very serious and looks upon this world with a very stern eye. And this may be true, judging by the very events which take place in and around this world that He has created. But we, Helen and I, have experienced a moment when God has shown that He also has a wonderful sense of humour. We would like to share this moment with you so that you can rejoice and also have a smile on your face.


Several years ago, while we were attending a Holy Mass and participating in a Healing Service using the medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal, an event took place, which will forever remain in our hearts. This was witnessed by many people who were standing in line waiting to kiss the medal and to be prayed over if they wished.


On this Saturday night, after the Holy Mass ended, the people present in the Toronto, Ontario church, lined up to venerate the medals which my wife, Helen, and I possess which were kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal. As most readers know by now, many, many miraculous healings have been attributed over the years to the kiss bestowed on these medals by Our Mother, Mary, in Garabandal, where She said that “Her Son, Jesus, would perform many prodigies (healings) through Her kiss on the medal”. This has been shown time and time again since the time we obtained these wonderful medals and used them with faith.


As the people were coming up to venerate these medals, many people were being “slain in the Spirit” and resting on the floor. This does happen sometimes. On this particular warm summer evening, many people experienced this spiritual joy. It is an experience that is difficult to describe; others, including many priests, are much more eloquent in describing this experience than I. There was little room at the front of the church where we were standing but the people were patient and awaited their turn quietly.


Suddenly, an elderly man came forward, who did not wait his turn but stepped in front of the others waiting. He was accompanied by a much younger blonde-haired woman. He had trouble standing and was, by all appearances, unsteady on his feet. He required a cane for support. As he was about to venerate my medal kissed by Our Lady, his companion, the younger woman said in a loud voice: “Do not do anything to him. Don’t you zap him!” I stopped, surprised, and replied that I do not zap people. She said that she is his medical caregiver and came because he wanted to be here tonight. I could see that she was concerned for him, as he was ill. She replied that she “knows what I am doing and I ‘zap’ people”. “How?...”, I asked. I lifted up my arms. I showed her my bare exposed arms wearing my short-sleeved shirt on this hot summer evening. It was very hot inside this church tonight. I showed her that there are no wires, there is no battery. There is only this medal in my hand which was kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal.


I asked the gentleman if he would like to venerate this medal and he said “yes”. I asked her if she would permit it now. She looked at me and then said yes. The man then kissed my medal. He was not “slain in the Spirit” and no alarms went off in the mind of his young caregiver.


I then asked his caregiver if she would also like to kiss this medal. To my surprise, she said yes. Quicker than the blink of an eye, as she kissed my medal, down she went. She fell down, without hurting herself, and lay there on the floor, a young, healthy woman suddenly totally “out cold”. The older man stood over her, supported by his cane, and kept looking. He leaned over her, unable to understand what had happened. I looked in stunned silence and laughed inside. Oh God, do You ever have a sense of humour! I continued to laugh inside and continued with my prayers with the other people.


After about 20 minutes, the young woman finally raised herself from the floor and slowly took her seat in the pews. She sat there until all the people in the church had left. Then she came forward again and told me the following:


She said that she came here only because this gentleman wanted to come. She was a recent immigrant, raised under the Communist system and did not believe in God or the church. She was taught that only mathematics and science are the “real” things of this world. There was no such thing as God. But what she experienced tonight, was something that she could not explain and she sat there for a long time and had to explore or find out more about God. She was experiencing a feeling like she had never come across before.


What a way God opened up for this non-believer that evening! What a way He has touched her! By this act, God has shown that, not only does He have a sense of humour, but by His love, He opened up the heart of another one of his children. He showed us that He is the author and creator of humour. We thank Him for allowing us to experience, firsthand, one more way that He shows us His love and caring for His people: His most loving Sense of Humour. This was a true experience which I, for one, will never forget.


God Bless you and your families

Dr. Michael Rozeluk 

January 2009

Toronto, Canada

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