"It seems like a Miracle"


Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL March-April 2008

Translated from Spanish by Dr. Edward Serrano

Letter dated February 18, 1962, from the Marques de Santa Maria to Father Ramon Andreu. It appears that Father Andreu knew of an alleged cure in Madrid and suggested that the Marques might want to look into it.


Encouraged by your letter, Rosario [the Marques's wife] and I went to Jose del Hierro Street, in Concepcion neighborhood, to a new, modest house. We went up to the third floor (no elevator), knocked, and a tall, very thin, middle-aged woman opened the door. I asked her if she had a son that had been very sick. She said yes, and that he had been close to death. Here is the story.


Last August, her three-and-a-half-year-old boy was completely normal, and healthy enough that she could take him to the swimming pool without any problem. One day he started to become paralyzed and behaving as if he couldn't see. In a few days he was like a log, no movement and totally blind. It was a terrifying situation. He was being fed via nasogastric tube in the Concepcion Clinic. A team of doctors examined him, and initially surgery was considered. They had taken him to the operating room, and even shaved his head, but this plan was discarded when the tests and electroencephalogram were reviewed by Dr. Obrador, who stated that his condition would not be improved by surgery. He was sent back home and his case was followed up by Dr. Paniagua, who worked with Dr. Obrador.


Sometime in October, the boy's mother placed several religious medals close to him, one being of Our Lady of Pilar, and a month later she received from a relative of her husband (Mr. Gredilla, a jeweler from Burgos) a medal and was told to place it on the boy, as it had been "kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal." In great faith she hung the medal around the child's neck. Several days later, the paralyzed boy began to have seizures, first in the legs, then the arms, and tongue, etc. He opened his eyes and showed general improvement. Today we have seen him and he is completely normal and in perfect health.


So this is a report of our visit today. I explained to the mother the reason for the interview and she was very willing to give us all the data. She is completely convinced that her boy was cured by a miracle. She told us, 'When I took him back to the clinic, the doctors could not believe it was the same child. Even Dr. Paniagua told me, It seems like a miracle!'"


I already mentioned to you the case of the motorcyclist from Barcelona and how his story was mishandled. So this time we are moving slowly. First, I'll talk to the husband, hopefully tomorrow, and I understand he has the medical history of the case, and all the diagnostic tests and lab work, and the final diagnosis. I have promised the mother not to give any publicity to the case until we make a completely impartial assessment of everything that has happened here. The family is in agreement with this. But I can't resist saying how pleased I am to be able to forward this to you, and I trust everything to your discretion.


The boy's name is Miguel, and Rosario says that she heard the girls mention a "Miguel" in their ecstasy and that the Virgin had said, "Many children will be healed." Do you remember hearing the girls ask, "Will little Miguel be cured?" Rosario does, and thinks it must be recorded in some of the notes taken that day, possibly by Matutano. I'll check it out tonight and keep you informed of everything and write to you after talking to Father Rodrigo.                                   


Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL March-April 2008


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