Scarboro 2005- Markiana Huzar
Faith Changes to Conviction
My heartfelt thanksgiving to the Lord

On Wednesday, June 29, 2005, there was a Holy Liturgy for the intentions of the sick at Sts. Peter and Paul (Ukrainian Catholic) Church in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Approximately two weeks before this, I felt a sudden intense pain in the cartilage of the middle finger of my right hand. I could not touch anything with that  finger, not a spoon nor a pencil, because then the pain became very severe and shattering. I was not yet even fully aware of the seriousness of this disability.

    I arrived in church for the healing Liturgy. After the Holy Liturgy, I approached Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. They placed their medals on me, prayed for my health and then let me kiss their medals of Our Lady of Garabandal.

    I came home. I picked up something with that unfortunate finger . . . and it did not hurt!!! I could not believe what was happening! Several months have gone by and still my finger is perfectly well, strong and pain-free.

    I express my deepest, heartfelt, public gratitude to Our Heavenly Mother for Her gracious intercession, for this miracle of God.

    Until now, I sincerely believed and hoped in Our Lord God. After this miraculous healing of my finger, my faith has changed to a firm conviction, a certain and real knowledge, an undeniable proof of God's care, God's might and God's mercy towards us.

    I humbly pray to God that He graciously help me to retain in my heart the unearthly joy that is present in it now, the Peace of God, the boundless trust in God and the deep gratitude for His Love. May my soul never cease to repeat the beautiful Holy Theophany prayer: "Great are You, O Lord, and wondrous are Your Deeds and there is no word that can sufficiently sing the praises of Your wonders!" I remember well, how our holy priest-martyr, blessed Josaphat Kotsylovsky, bishop of Peremyshl, Ukraine, used to sing this Jordan glorification of our Triune God on the frozen waters of the Sian River, with his strong and beautiful voice. I have loved to pray with the words (of this prayer). But, with God's help and grace, they have become far more majestic, far more touching, aglow with the Light of a Deeper Understanding.

Markiana Nadia Dublianytsia-Huzar
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
September 10, 2005

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