Throughout my life I have worked in many committees and organizations through which I came to know many priests. Some of the young men I worked with also were called to the priesthood.

    When I was healed in Garabandal on April 3, 1994 (see Mike's Story) I made a promise to return the following year in thanksgiving. I also began to feel the new need to attend Holy Mass more often than just on Sunday. Helen and I then became very involved in spreading the Messages of Garabandal to the many people who began to invite us to speak. As a result, instead of attending Mass regularly at only one church, we found ourselves being invited to various Catholic parishes at different times and thus became known to many of the priests in these parishes.

    Just before our thanksgiving trip to Garabandal (see What is Garabandal)  in April, 1995, we had a phone call from a priest we knew very well (I'll call him Father A.). We have known Father A. for years so, of course, he knew of my accident, the years of pain and then my miraculous healing. He called to ask if we would be attending Mass at his parish that evening. When we said, "Yes," he asked if we would stop in to see him at the parish rectory after Holy Mass. We agreed.

    While we were to fly out to Garabandal in a few days, Father A. was scheduled to fly the following day to another city to conduct a Lenten mission.

    Helen and I came to Mass, which was celebrated by another priest. Then we went to the rectory to see Father A.

    We did not recognize the person who greeted us. Father A. was ashen gray, dishevelled and in severe pain. It took all his strength to just lean against the door frame. When we asked him what happened, all he could say was that, when he got up that morning, his back was in extreme pain and he could not move. He could not bend down to put on his socks or to tie up his shoes. He could not lift his arms to comb his hair. He couldn't even sit down.

    Somehow he managed to go to his medical doctor, who gave him painkillers and muscle relaxants and sent him to a physiotherapist. He was told that he would need physiotherapy three to four times per week for at least six weeks. His medical doctor also told him to cancel his flight because he was in no shape to travel anywhere. He gave Father a letter to that effect for his airline so Father would have no difficulty getting a refund on his airline ticket.

    We stayed with Father for some time. Later on, three other adult parishioners joined us with their four children. Father asked us to pray for him in Garabandal, which we promised to do. Then, suddenly, Father asked me if I had my medal (see Our Lady's Kiss) with me and if I would please place it on his back. I did. Then he asked, "What we do next?" I said, "Father, we pray."

    All ten of us present (6 adults and 4 children), prayed Our Father and Hail Mary together. During the prayer, I silently asked God, if it be His will, to grant this His priest the grace of a healing. The very moment I had that thought, Father A. suddenly had the most stunned look on his face. Without a word, he turned around and walked into his private office. While the rest of us looked on, puzzled, he sat down in his chair. Then he stood up, turned around, sat down again, stood up, raised his arms over his head. He repeated this several times. Then he came back out to us, put his hand on his back and said, "You won't believe this, but my pain is gone!" And he lifted up his arms again over his head.

    The excitement in our group was tremendous! We laughed, We cried. We thanked and praised God for this wonderful gift.

    When the others had left, Father invited us into the kitchen for some tea. His pain was gone. And, yes, he did fly out on his mission the next day.

    Helen and I felt that we would leave it up to Father A. to tell everyone about this wonderful healing in his own way. But before he could do so, the children spread the news around the parish almost immediately! And again, from the mouths of babes, came the following:

    "Did you hear how Father A. was healed suddenly?" asked one of the older boys. The youngest child replied, "Yes, but remember what they did first. They prayed!" And God answered in His own wonderful way! Later Father did tell all of the parishioners this story himself, confirming what the children said earlier.

    Such is the wonderful and bountiful love that Our Lord has for each and every one of us. Prayer can accomplish anything. Open up your heart to Jesus and let His will be done.

Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk

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