"She did this for me?"
Club Foot Straightened
Written December 28, 2000

    Sometimes what we expect and what God does is so different that the end result is a surprise to all. That is exactly what happened one September evening in 1996, as I climbed the steps to enter Marian Villa, a residence for seniors, with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, in order to pray with some elderly residents.

    On the porch of Marian Villa, we met an elderly friend of mine, Olga P., who was sitting outside, enjoying the warm autumn evening. As usual, she sat in her wheel chair with her legs covered up by a blanket. She had been in that wheelchair for years. She was small and slightly deformed in stature, due to Cerebral Palsy that she had had since birth. At the time of this story, Olga was about 83 years of age but her soul shone brightly in her eyes and her wide, warm smile greeted us in welcome. Olga was a staunch Christian woman of Protestant heritage.

    As we conversed, I told her why we were there. When I asked her if she would like us to pray with her, she simply nodded "yes". Dr. Michael led us in a short prayer to God, through the intercession of Our Lady, and  touched Olga's forehead with his medal of Our Lady (that was touched with Her kiss in Garabandal). It was a brief prayer, sincere and simple, much like Olga herself. Then we left her and went inside to our prearranged meetings with other residents of the home.

    Three days later, while doing my routine rounds at the Villa, I checked on Olga as usual. As I walked into her room, she radiantly exclaimed: "My right foot is straight!" Olga had a deformed right foot from birth (a club foot) that was fitted with a hard plastic brace. As she sat up in bed preparing to go to the dining room for breakfast, she showed me her right foot and indeed the foot was straight. Her foot was perfectly straight for the first time in her life! She felt stronger and more alive than ever. Her joy was everywhere.

    Her joy and deep gratitude to God was most evident. She asked who did this for her and I responded that we had prayed for her through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary who appeared in Garabandal and who had kissed the medal that Michael had in his possession. So it was She, the Virgin Mary who did this for her. Very devoutly Olga said, "The Holy Mother of God did this for me!?!  For me!?! Would you please teach me the prayer that pleases Her, so that I may thank Her?" I scribbled out the "Hail Mary" on a piece of paper for Olga.

    Off to breakfast she went,  full of joy and without the brace on her right leg.  For the first time in her life, Olga was able to wear slippers, a regular pair of slippers, on both her feet.

    Later, Dr. Michael and Helen were called and we all gave thanks to God for His wonderful graces and His special love for Olga, His beloved child. Bishop Roman Danylak, who at that time was Bishop of Toronto, was also notified and came along with us to see the now straightened foot for himself.

    Photographs were taken as evidence of God's great gift for Olga. The photographs here show how straight her foot is now: both feet are normal.

    Olga's medical records were obtained. They contain her doctor's written notation that Olga had a "club foot". But God, in His great mercy and love for Olga, has corrected that and with that mercy Olga immediately began to speak of God 's love to others. She began to pray daily to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This again demonstrates the truth of Our Lady's promise in Garabandal, that "through Her kiss, Her Son, Jesus, would perform prodigies throughout the world". Thank you, dear Mother; thank you, Jesus; thank you, God.

     Respectfully submitted for God's Glory through Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal.

A. Teresa
Ontario, Canada