One, Two, Three Gifts

Yes, I am happy to write about three "Gifts from God" where I have been present or personally involved. All of these "gifts" or "graces" occurred through the wonderful medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal.

Back Healed

Hi, my name is Marijka and I am writing to share about the great healing that God has done in my life. I was at a regularly scheduled prayer and healing service at St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Church last summer (1999). It was at this service that I had been asking God to heal me of personal problems that I had been carrying in my life for a very long time.

    In addition to this, I was also experienceing back pain which I tended to ignore, but it was starting to interfere with my work as a physiotherapist. This back pain had started over ten years ago but was getting worse in the past two years and was affecting my work. I was at the healing service because I was searching for truth and for a way to get closer to Jesus because I knew He was the way.

    This particular Wednesday night after the Holy Mass when the individual prayers for healing started, I also got in line with the rest of the people to be prayed over. It was at this time that I realized that there was no one to "catch" the people being "Slain in the Spirit". I had seen this happen at this healing service many times. Most of the time, there had been someone to catch the people and lay them down gently. This evening there was no one beside Dr. Michael, who had the "medal kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal".

    I went up and offered my help. I was in quite a bit of pain myself but I didn’t care, as the other issues in my life were much more painful to me. I took my place and yes, many people that evening, as they kissed the wonderful medal and were prayed for, suddenly fell backwards into my arms. Some of these people fell gently while others were quite heavy and fell awkwardly. With the heavier people I really felt the pain but I wanted to be there for Jesus.

    Finally, the last person went up and it was my turn. I had been anointed by the priest earlier that evening. I went up to Dr. Michael to pray for me. I kissed the medal and was also "Slain in the Spirit". As I lay on the ground I realized my back pain was instantly healed and remains healed eight months later. Praise God! The greater miracle was that I realized that God cares for us individually and heals us of what we need to be healed , in His time and in His way.

    As I continued going to these healing services, which included the Divine Liturgy, I became aware of the greatest gifts God has to offer us - the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion, just as Our Lady had said in Garabandal.

    The gift of the Sacrament of Confession and being truly honest before God via His servant, the priest, is the greatest gift that God has given us. Jesus says "the truth will set us free". Sometimes the truth is very painful but if we honestly seek Jesus with all our hearts and honestly bare our souls before Him, He does set us free.

    Pride, fear, selfishness and self-centredness are great obstacles to the truth. Our goal in life should be Jesus first and then to put others before us, if we want to be truly joyful in the Lord.

    It was through this beautiful healing service that God touched me again. He touched me through the medal "kissed" by His Mother Mary. It truly was as Our Lady said in Garabandal that "through My Kiss, My Son will perform many prodigies thoughout the world..." I thank you, dear Mother Mary, that I was able to kiss your medal and, through it, your words came true.

Kidneys Function Again

The second instance that I personally knew about and was involved with, had to do with my sister-in-law, Marta. In the fall of 1999 I received word that my sister-in-law, who lives in British Columbia, Canada with her family, was seriously ill. She had lupus, scleroderma and as her condition became worse, both of her kidneys stopped functioning. She was put on a kidney dialysis machine three times a week. Moreover, she had to be put into intensive care on a respirator in the hospital. The doctors did not think she would live long.

    With the help of others in my family, we started to pray for her and ask God to help her and her family. I called my parish priest Fr. Miroslav to say a mass for Marta, and God arranged it so that on that particular evening, Dr. Michael and Helen, his wife, were at the parish at Shaw Street. When they found out how sick Marta was, Dr. Michael gave me some blessed medals to pass on to her. He gave me a small reliquary medal from Garabandal and a medal of Padre Pio from Rome where they attended the beatification of Padre Pio in May 1999. He asked me to pass them on to her and to tell her to use those medals daily. I passed them on, along with the information. My mother took the medals to her and she prayed the rosary at her bedside daily in the hospital. Many masses were also being offered up for her intention.

    When my mother arrived at the hospital, she placed the medal on Marta and began to recite the rosary. Two hours passed. Then three hours went by, then four hours. She did not stop praying. Our friends also continued their prayers for Marta.

    A few weeks later, a miracle happened. The news hit me unexpectedly. My mother called me to let me know that after some time on the kidney dialysis machine, my sister-in-law’s kidneys had somehow started working on their own. They were totally healed. She did not need the machine anymore. The doctors could not explain this fact! It is a medical impossibility! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mother Mary!

    My sister-in-law, Marta, still has her problem with lupus but now she has gone home to be with her family. Her kidneys are working. I am so excited to tell you this because this is truly a miracle.

Kateryna Responding to her Calling

My third personal knowledge of a wonderful gift through this medal was with my dear friend, Kateryna who is now in Ukraine. Kateryna came to Canada a couple of years ago to study Iconography. She studied in Woodstock, Ontario and learned this most precious work from the monks there. It is a miracle in itself that Kateryna was studying at the monastery since she had been raised under the Communist system with little or no religion.

    We became friends on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and I learned much about things that were concerning her at that time. She believed in God very much and loved Him. She was very torn between supporting her family and responding to her interior calling.

    As we were talking one time, I asked her to come with me to the healing service at St. Josaphat’s on a Wednesday night. She agreed to come.

    We ended up going together, and when the mass finished, Kateryna and I got in line to get anointed by the priest and then to kiss the medal. She was surprised when she saw Dr. Michael and his wife Helen as she had met them once before. She came up to Dr. Michael and while he was praying for her, she kissed the medal that had been kissed by Our Lady. He gave her a small medal.

    Two or three weeks later she told me how happy she had become. She started wearing this medal. Her way was clear, peaceful and straight. She received her sign and responded to her calling. She decided to go back to Ukraine a month and a half later. She then entered the convent. The confusion was gone.

    Six months ago, I talked to my friend Kateryna again over the telephone. She had just professed her first vows. She was so happy. On that evening several months earlier, her prayers were answered through that medal containing Our Lady’s kiss. She has found her way and has given herself totally to Jesus.

    I personally know of these incidents and was involved with them. I thank God for His immense love. May God bless all those who read this short testimony and continue to bring you to His truth and light.

In Christ’s Love,
Toronto, Canada
June 4, 2000 

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