Toronto 2005
Keeping Your Promises

    Every night I would watch him on his knees praying to Our Lord God. He has raised his family in the light of God, and has been the provider and stronghold of many. He has shown me how to accept others for what they are and, most of all, how to give unconditional love. He has taught me to always hold on to God's hand for guidance and wisdom. The man I am talking about is my grandfather.

    As far back as I can remember, my grandfather has always been a great part of my life. He has always been my pillar of strength and comfort. My grandfather's name is Compton Nascimento, and he is ninety-seven (97) years young.

Grandfather Compton (sitting) with grandmother, Veronica (standing to the right) with Barbara and Compton from England .

    When Compton Nascimento, my grandfather, was turning seventy (70), he was convinced that he was going to die. However, when his seventieth birthday came and went, then his eightieth, then the ninetieth, I knew the Lord Our God had much more planned for him.

    Around Christmastime, 2002, my grandfather began having a build-up of fluid in his legs, which was affecting his heart. Countless visits to the doctor and all sorts of medications - nothing seemed to work. The prognosis was not good. I was sure I was going to lose him.

    I believe that God sends us angels to guide us back on the path of righteousness, and one day that is what happened to me. I am a dental assistant. I work with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk in their dental office. I have seen how they let God guide their lives and how God has worked through them to touch thousands of people. I admitted to Dr. Rozeluk that I really wanted my grandfather to get better. That is when Dr. Rozeluk gave me a little reliquary medal from Garabandal, that has a piece of missal “kissed” by our Blessed Mother. He told me to go to confession and then to go and pray with my grandfather. I asked Dr. Rozeluk if my grandfather was going to be OK. Dr. Rozeluk answered, "I don't know - it is up to God." Puzzled and confused, I nevertheless did as he said.

    On Christmas Eve night I was alone with my grandfather, and I asked him to pray with me. Now it had been a long time since I said the Our Father, Hail Mary or Glory Be… But that night the words came back to me as clear as day. We prayed to Jesus Christ, to let the precious blood of Our Lord and Saviour heal and strengthen my grandfather, to let my grandfather shine in the presence of Jesus Christ. A few days later my grandfather was ready to dance with joy and gratitude. He astounded everyone with his unexpected return to health.

    I told Dr. Rozeluk and Helen how my grandfather was healed and I made a promise to God that I would write his story. I’m sorry to say, that I did not keep my promise. I let other worldly obstacles get in the way.

    Two years went by. It was now Christmas, 2004 and my grandfather was in the hospital again. This time he had a severe lung infection and congestive heart failure. On  Sunday, January 9, 2005, I received a phone call, saying that my grandfather would not wake up. He was non-responsive to anything or anyone. His vital signs seemed normal but he was in a coma. Neither the hospital nurses nor family members could wake him up. My family sent for a priest.

    My life came crashing down. I caught myself starting to question God. I began to cry. Then I heard a little voice say: "Call Dr. Rozeluk." I did so and, once again, that beautiful angel reminded me to use the medal that Our Lovely Mother Mary kissed. I took the medal and went to the hospital room. I saw my grandfather lying there. With Our Lady’s medal in my hand, I held his cold, blue and lifeless hand and prayed, thanking God for everything and asking Him for healing for my grandfather. I know that Jesus promised: "Where two or more are gathered, so it shall be." As I prayed, the medal grew steadily warmer and warmer between our hands. I felt a pulsation coming from the medal and it was getting stronger and stronger. All at once, I felt my grandfather’s fingers move! Then his legs were also moving! Jesus was waking up my grandfather! By the time Father Ed arrived, my grandfather was fully awake. The prayers of the faithful were answered and the voices of the angels were singing songs of joy! A short while later that same evening, my grandfather and Father Ed were reciting the rosary together!

    How great Our Lord is. He has always kept His promise to guide His children and protect them from harm. Glory to Him in the highest. So I tell everyone who reads this - Keep God in your life always. Let Him show you the way. Let Mother Mary guide you. Use the tremendous tools She has given us: the kissed medals, Her Holy Rosary, etc.

    Like my grandfather, I know that it was the love of God that saved him. And now, it is because of the love I have for God and His Holy Mother that I write this story. This time, I am keeping my promise to write about the miracle God has performed for my grandfather. I am also thanking Mother Mary, whose promise at Garabandal came true for me and has enriched my faith even more.


Lisa Mason
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
January, 2005

P.S.: On January 13, 2005, Compton Nascimento was discharged from the hospital and retuned home to his loving family. Praise be to God.

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