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December 12, 2008


Dear Friends in Christ:


We have just returned from a very enjoyable and fruitful mission-trip to Holland. Thank you so very much for your help in making it possible.


As you no doubt know, we were invited to give and take part in a Garabandal Mission in Holland. The Garabandal committee in Holland made all the preparations and we thank them and especially Wim an dIna Langeveld, for their hard work. The film of our trip from Ukraine « The Kiss of Our Lady II » was translated and reproduced with Dutch subtitles and shown in Holland before we arrived.


In Holland, we were mainly in the Sassenheim - Noordvijk area. Our hosts scheduled us for a weeknight. Even so, there were several hundred people, with six priests celebrating Mass. The church choir sang the entire service in Dutch. The choir even went the extra step to learn a classical arrangement in the original Old Church Slavonic of "Tebe ospivuyem" (« We sing your praises ») from our own Liturgy, which they sang during the Offertory of the Mass. Obviously, the two of us were the only people present who understood what they were singing. It was very touching. As usual, we both spoke after Mass, then prayed with the medals.


We also visited several families with invalids. One such family was a three-hour train ride away in Maastricht, in southern Holland.(Maastricht is the birthplace of Andre Rieu). We also visited the 13th century Maastricht Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady Star of the Sea, where we prayed before their miraculous statue of our Lady.


To make a long story short, miracles happened. We had phone calls of miraculous healings as early as the day following our mission. Since then we have received several emails about other healings, including that of our hostess and her sister. Miraculous healings of back problems, heart problems, psychological problems, spiritual healings, and yes even yesterday we received word that a couple, unable to have a child, are now expecting their first baby. It is too much to write, but we would love to be able to tell you in person.


We ended our mission with a side-trip to Paris, where we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sainte Chappelle, St. Germaine des Pres (the oldest church in Paris, where Descartes is buried) and finally The Sacre Coeur. In between, we also visited the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal on rue du Bac, where Mother Mary appeared in the early 1800's to Sister Catherine Laboure, giving her the design of Her miraculous medal with instructions to have it struck and distributed throughout the world. No doubt you have seen one of these many times - they are quite common now and are, indeed, miraculous. The body of St. Catherine Laboure is laid to rest, fully intact and incorrupt, under glass, beneath a side altar of the chapel. At this chapel during Mass we raised up in prayer everyone who in any way had any connection to us and to our ministry. That, of course, includes you.


Since returning home, we have also received a new invitation to visit Ukraine again in May of 2009, this time from Bishop Simkailo of Kolomya. We first met him on our first visit in 2002, when he was still father rector of the Cathedral of Ivano-Frankivsk. So, our work continues.


This last year, 2008, we have carried on our mission in various churches, visited very sick people in hospitals, given talks to seniors in homes, spoken to many, many people over the telephone, responded to countless letters, taken part in the regular monthly Healing services at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario, travelled and took part in a healing service in Cleveland, Ohio and other churches.


But we could not have done this without the help of many wonderful people that also help us. They are part of our Workers of Our Lady group and do what they can to also promote God’s and Our Mother Mary’s love for each and every one of us. Without them, we could not do this.


Helen and I would like to thank the people who help us in the healing services: Netta, Ross, Maria-Elena, Hamid, Stella, Maria, Shaker. And there is Markian who has put together the DVD and videos of our trip to Ukraine and making new copies with various subtitles on them. We now have that DVD or video with the following subtitles : English, Russian, Dutch and soon we will also have it with Spanish subtitles as the translation is already in our hands.


Credit and a special thank you goes to Fr. Peter Drivnik, pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul, to Bishop Cornelius Pasichniy, who comes every month to hear confessions at SPP and Fr. Basile Cembalista who takes bishop’s place when he cannot be there himself.   


We are truly grateful for your moral and financial support in all our work. May God continue to bless you and your families. We wish all a most special and Blessed and Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you.



Love, and God Bless you all

Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk

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