Garabandal Healing in The  Netherlands


Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE October-December 2009 

By Elisabeth van Nispen tot Pannerden


Elisabeth & Marianne


It is through God's grace that I can write down my testimony for publication in the Garabandal International magazine. I want to thank the Lord, Our Lady, St Joseph, Marthe Robin and everybody who prayed and offered up their sufferings for me in the Netherlands and all over the world. I am most grateful for your prayers and sufferings. We are all part of God's family under the protection of the Holy Spirit.


I spent 3 months in hospital and 7 months in rehabilitation and returned home to "The Rose Cottage" on the Feast of Pentecost.


Late July 2008, I was admitted to hospital where doctors could not find the cause of my suffering. After 2 weeks I was released to go home but the next morning, I felt terribly ill again. My body was retaining fluid. Where did that come from? I picked up a bacterial infection during an abdominal operation and time spent in intensive care.


After receiving the Anointing of the Sick which saw a slight recovery, I was transferred to the Academic Hospital in Utrecht where I remained for 3 months. After many tests, the doctors finally came to the conclusion that I had inflammation of the pancreas. The doctors could not promise when I would be able to go home but would try to have me home for Christmas. I was still extremely sick


Now with the onset of October, the month of the Rosary and special devotion to Mary, a friend of mine who works for the Apostolate of Garabandal, visited me and told me that on the 7th October 2008, a healing prayer service was being organized by the Garabandal Centre in Holland. Dr Michael and Helen Rozeluk, a Canadian couple, had been invited. As I was very, very ill, it was impossible for me to attend this service so Marianne took a picture of me to the prayer service so that the Rozeluks could pray for me. I was exhausted, extremely sick and having respiratory failure. I prayed one evening to the Lord and said: "If you want to heal me, you can. I will let everything go and accept God's will. I cannot handle this anymore, I have no more strength. Your Will be done..."


At that moment I saw the Lord, He sighed deeply and said with a sweet smile, now I can get started! I was at peace and felt deeply relaxed. During this time I knocked on heaven's door 3 times but every time, someone tapped on my shoulder to come back. "It is not your time yet". It was Mother Mary who was behind me, so gentle, soft, quiet, dressed in white with a sweet smile on her face. I would have loved to fall into her arms.


Then came the great miracle. On October 15th I was still extremely sick. On 16th October the doctors stood at my bedside and delivered a message: we have decided to remove all medical instruments - infusions, catheter, tube feeding. What a liberation!! After 3 months I was on my feet again! Then a strange thing happened.


I had totally forgotten about the healing prayer service until I was suddenly aware that I had been cured through the intercession of Our Lady. It was because of Mary with her motherly help that I was able to get home to my Rose Cottage, after 7 months of rehabilitation.


During this prayer healing service where many people were gathered, Mrs, Rozeluk [Ed. NOTE: From Toronto, Canada - The Workers of Our Lady - Canada  who had been invited to Holland to speak about Garabandal] prayed over my photo. During the prayer she said ... "something is happening here" ... even Marianne Windmeijer (from Garabandal Centrum Netherlands) noted a special presence of the Holy Spirit.


The great miracle happened on 16th October 2008, after the Garabandal healing service attended by Michael and Helen Rozeluk of Toronto, Canada and others.


Now that I'm back home and my hospitalization has quietly passed, I feel that I am much closer to the Lord, trusting Him more, giving myself more to Him, sharing more with Him, speaking with Him, offering all my daily life, love and sufferings to Him.. Your Will be done.


Thanks to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Alleluia. Amen.




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