Whiplash Instantly Healed

    On February 17, 2000 at 9:30 p.m., I was driving along a very well travelled country road. As usual, before getting into my vehicle, I had invoked St. Raphael and my guardian angel to ride with me and drive for me. My spirit felt calm. I was praying my rosary while driving, as I always do. (Picture of Florence and her husband Claude, May 2000).

    Without warning my vehicle suddenly went sliding on black ice and spun out 180 degrees, then rolled sideways onto the driver's side. I was neither aware of turning 180 degrees nor the seat belt pulling back my shoulder. I only know that one moment I was heading in one direction and suddenly the next moment the vehicle was rolling over and facing in the opposite direction. I was surprised at how calm I really was. I was not shaking all over inside as I was expecting. I remember praying very hard that there be no traffic as the vehicle swerved from side to side. I tried not to over-adjust my steering wheel, as I was approaching a hill. When the vehicle finally stopped on its side, I wondered how I would get out. Then I noticed that the engine was still running. I turned it off, then realized that the automatic windows were all shut. They cannot be opened unless the ignition is turned on. I was afraid to turn the engine back on. I thought to get out through the rear door but the spare tire was blocking this exit. I was trapped! At the same time I was afraid to move, afraid that the vehicle might roll over onto its roof. I prayed that someone would come by soon and help me out.

    It was not too long afterwards that someone did come to rescue me and gave me a ride to the garage in town. Once there, I felt my knees go weak, I felt faint and then I felt a hot pain at the base of my neck, which travelled to the top of my head causing me to shiver. Then I felt as though my left jaw was going to lock.

    A police officer arrived. She took me to the hospital where they x-rayed my neck and quickly checked me for injuries. I had pain in my left upper arm, but apparently nothing more serious than that. Praise God. So I went home and slept for the next few days.

    After a few days I began to feel pain in my left collarbone. It was a dull pain yet strong enough to make me nauseous each time I moved my arm. I saw my doctor, who confirmed that I had suffered whiplash. Because the pain was still there after three or four weeks and still causing nausea, I was given an appointment with the physiotherapist at the hospital for the morning of Wednesday, March 22, 2000. I kept the appointment but after this first treatment I was in more pain than after the accident.

    That same evening, in terrible pain, I took part in a healing mass at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Thornhill, Ontario. I had gone to confession earlier that day. Mass was concelebrated by Bishop Roman Danylak, who was visiting from Rome, and Father Vincent Prychidko, the pastor. After Holy Mass, Bishop Danylak and Fr. Vincent anointed my forehead, lips, ears, nose, throat and hands. I then approached Helen Rozeluk. She placed a crucifix that contains a piece of the true Cross in my left hand. Then she let me venerate her medal, touched to one that was kissed by Our Lady in Garabandal. She touched this medal to my lips - then made the sign of the cross with it over me, touching my forehead, heart and two shoulders. The instant the medal made contact with my body, the pain in my collarbone and shoulder disappeared and I knew I had been healed.

    While I held the crucifix in my hand and Helen Rozeluk was praying over me, I was trying to formulate an intention, a request for healing, "If Jesus would carry my cross, I would carry a sliver of His Cross." However, I was only able to begin the thought, "If Jesus would carry my cross…" Before I could even complete it, the intense pain in my collarbone, upper arm and shoulder suddenly vanished. I knew I had been healed.

    It has been approximately 6 weeks since this wonderful healing and I am still pain free. I now have full movement of my left arm and shoulder and no nausea or pain due to the collarbone injury.

Thanks be to God.

Florence St. Jean,
Markdale, Ontario, Canada
Written May 15, 2000 

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