Cure in Shanghai


"Through the kiss I have bestowed, on these objects my Son will perform prodigies.

 Words of the Virgin Mary to Conchita at Garabandal, Spain, November 13,1965



Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL INTERNATIONAL  January-March 2009


Dear Tony:

I wish to praise and thank the Lord for His miraculous healing of a lady in Shanghai a few days ago! This is a testimony of an obvious miracle.


My daughter, Veronica, who works in Shanghai with the Shangri-la Group of Hotels was very worried over the condition of her own deputy who fell critically ill with her first pregnancy in the hospital. She was running a high temperature coupled with her own high blood pressure for about a week when the medical specialists decided that she would risk imminent death if her child was not aborted soon.


Some time ago, I had given my daughter several brown scapulars together with a reliquary medal for her personal use. She suddenly felt compelled to let the dangerously ill patient wear the brown scapular and the reliquary medal. It was the patient's own mother who had personally placed the sacramentals on her daughter. Without a doubt, my daughter's prayers, coupled with prayers by our Garabandal members, were said throughout the patient's stay in hospital. Meantime, the patient decided to have her baby aborted in the hope of saving her own life.


Almost immediately, as the sacramentals were worn by the patient, she miraculously recovered and sat up, claiming how well she felt. Her mother excitedly informed the people around her that her daughter's sudden recovery was attributed to the sacramentals worn by her. Even the medical specialists were pleasantly surprised and remarked that definitely the patient was saved by some divine power!


In union of prayer

Tony Lee




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