Our Ladyís Kiss Heals Carolís Back

Written September 15, 1999

I, Carol Renaud, had been experiencing lower back problems for a number of years and because of the pain I had been going to a chiropractor, but it never seemed to help. I would do special exercises to alleviate the pain somewhat, but it would always come back. In the end, I could not even lie flat on my back because I would then be unable to get up again. The pain was excruciating.

    In August or September of 1996, my friend, Andrea Quirion, told me about a Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his miraculous healing. She mentioned to me, that he was going to be in the Chatham, Ontario area to speak. She asked me if I would be interested in having him come to Tecumseh as well. I spoke with our pastor and he agreed to allow Dr. Rozeluk and his wife Helen to speak in our church.

    About 250 people attended the event. After the talk, people were able to come up to venerate the medals touched to Our Ladyís kiss in Garabandal. When the church was finally empty, Dr. Michael and Helen prayed over me in front of the Tabernacle. Helen stood on my left, holding my arm. Michael was on my right, holding my other arm. My husband, Ed, was behind me. They placed their medals on me, while Ed put his hands flat on my shoulder blades.

    As we all prayed, I could hear a "clicking" sound. I thought to myself, "My bones are cracking." After about the third click (you have to understand that sometimes I'm a little slow) I realized that, although my bones were "cracking", I had not moved a muscle. (Dr. Rozeluk, Helen and my husband later confirmed this). This clicking happened about 4 or 5 times. I didn't say anything to the others at that time. We locked up the Church and went home.

    Back at the house, we were having coffee and discussing the evening, when either Michael or Helen asked me if anything had happened at the Church. I told them about the clicking and then Ed said to me "I didnít hear anything but I could feel it under my hands!" The Rozeluks said that they heard and felt nothing at all but they confirmed that I had not moved a muscle.

    I said, "Just a minute." I got up from the table, went into the living room and lay down on my back on the living room rug and, praise JesusÖTHERE WAS NO PAIN! I was also able to get up with no problem and no pain!

    Our dear Lord and Creator had adjusted my spine perfectly and to this day, four years later, my lower back is fine. All thanks and all praise be to Jesus. Amen.

Written by Carol Renaud, September 15, 1999.

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