Ukraine 2002 - He Walks! UPDATED 2004
This was God's Miracle

Translated from NOVA ZORYA newspaper, December 2002

    The faithful of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine remember well the final days of September, 2002, when Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk from Canada visited our area. In 1994 Dr. Michael was miraculously healed in Garabandal, Spain where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared. At that time, Michael and Helen received a miraculous medal which was touched to one that had been kissed by the lips of the Blessed Virgin during the apparitions. Since then, this couple has been invited by various communities in Canada, the U.S. and Europe to give their testimony. They pray for the healing of individuals and offer their medals for veneration. There have been many instances of miraculous healing.

    The following is the first reported miraculous healing on Ukrainian soil. "NOVA ZORYA", received this letter from the village of Voynyliv, where ecstatic parents tell of the miraculous healing of their child.

    "We would like to tell everyone about the miracle that happened to us recently.

    Our child was born with a congenital deformity -- Class III bow legs with the feet severely twisted to the inside. The boy had no support for the co-ordination of his body and so was unable to even begin walking unaided. We sought help from various doctors all over Western Ukraine. They only confirmed the original diagnosis and proposed the only possible solution: immediate surgery but they would not guarantee that the child would walk even after the operation.

    We could not accept such a verdict. We never stopped believing and hoping for a miracle from God. The rosary of the Blessed Mother, which we prayed each evening at bedtime, was our greatest support.

    And then one day we heard that a boy who, until recently, had been in a wheelchair all his life, was healed through the prayers of the Rozeluks. We felt that, through this couple, God was giving us a chance to obtain the healing of our son.

    We arrived early in the morning at the Cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk, only to find out that the Divine Liturgy with the healing service would not be until that evening. We were forced to wait. But then the Lord rewarded us. Holding our little son in our arms through the Holy Liturgy and the witnessing of the Rozeluks about themselves, about their faith and prayers, we already felt that a healing had occurred. Then, when we kissed the medal of the Blessed Virgin, Dr. Michael took our son, Serhiy, in his arms and our little one, quite fearlessly, walked the 3 to 4 steps back to us all by himself. Dr. Michael then said: "Pray, have faith, within a week your child will walk."

    With tears in our eyes, we returned home with our son. The very next day our little one, by himself, crossed his room and began to walk. Every day, he is getting better and better. Serhiy has regained the support of his legs and, within a few short days, was able to stand unaided.

    With great joy we proclaim: THIS IS GOD'S MIRACLE. We pray to God that Serhiy's legs also straighten out, that he may be able to crouch down and get up without help.

    We are immeasurably grateful to the Rozeluks for their prayers, for coming to Ukraine to help the ill and the helpless. May Our Blessed Mother's mantle protect you always, dear Michael and Helen, and may our Lord God grant you health and happiness for many years."

Respectfully yours,
the Romanovych family,
village of Voynyliw, Ukraine.
December, 2002


    A wonderful surprise greeted us when we came to the Basilian monastery church  in Ivano-Frankivsk in May 2004. Among the tremendous crowd was the young  family that had left a lasting and wonderful memory in our hearts from our last visit to Ukraine in 2002. This was the Romanovych family. They brought with them their young son, Serhiy, who, in 2002, had been so very crippled with Class III deformity of his legs. But, with the help of Mother Mary, he walked for the first time in his young life. [See their story above] This time the father and mother came with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. The young lad --- there he was, walking normally between them. The recognition was instantaneous. The moment was captured on live video (This is included in new video of recent trip to Ukraine 2004). Then the father gave public testimony of that miraculous healing his son had in 2002. It happened here in this church. Now, for all to see, the young boy was lifted up and his legs...... without any medical help, without any surgical intervention, have completely straightened out. His legs are completely normal.  Here was a miracle completed and for all to see. He walked. Pictures were taken also, which we present for you to view.


    The young mother is now expecting another child. They know how powerful prayer is. We wish them all of God's continued blessings.

Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk

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