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HEALING SERVICE . . . February 25, 2012

(1)   Healing services are on the last Saturday of the month.
NEXT Healing Service at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Toronto, Ontario.
Saturday February 25, 2012.

(2)   A letter along with a Christmas Card came from Jane McNulty-Smith (whose story is on our Recent Graces section about Brain Cancer) reads: I continue to do well it will be 14 years in March since my diagnosis. My neuro-oncologist, told me that I am his longest surviving patient and while he has no medical explanation for my survival, I know the Good Lord had His hand in my healing.

(3)   A recent letter received reads: My moms friend from Barrie, Ontario, found out that she is CANCER FREE. The doctors are so confused as to how that has happened and have asked her to keep coming in for tests for just in case. They have never seen a Stage 4 cancer (terminal) go cancer free! Praise the Lord! Her hair has also grown back, but there is a scar on the back of her head. She can have surgery to fix it, but she wants to keep it as a reminder to other people that CANCER CAN BE CURED BY GOD!

(4)   SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Please join Dr. Mike and Helen for a special Lenten Healing Mission Afternoon on
. . . . Saturday March 24, 2012,
. . . . St. Catherine of Alexandria Byzantine Catholic Church
. . . . 56 Hearn St.
. . . . Bond Head, Ontario
. . . . (North of Hwy. 27 and Hwy. 88).
Start of event 1:00 p.m., including rosary, testimonies of miracle cures, Holy Mass, veneration of Blessed Medals from Garabandal and prayers for healing.
For further information contact Fr. Conrad at 905-775-8282 or on internet:  
St Catherine of Alexandria Parish web site

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IMPORTANT  (click here!)
To this day, Garabandal remains an open question. It has NEVER been condemned.
Read the facts to dispel once and for all any misunderstandings of the status of Garabandal.
Please read it especially concerning Pope John Paul's attitude towards Garabandal. 

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 Healing Services 

    HEALING SERVICE Saturday February 25, 2012  
Holy Liturgy and Healing Service at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church, Scarborough (Toronto),Ontario. Veneration of Garabandal medal follows. ALL welcome. Confessions from
  6 pm - come early please. Details in FAQ section.  Service in English and Ukrainian. 
Read stories of healing at this church -  more coming. 


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See Testimonial video from Ukraine 2004 with subtitles

 NOW available with English, Dutch or Russian subtitles
Amazing live footage of 2nd Garabandal mission to Ukraine in 2004. See miracles as they happened. Hear live testimonies from those who received miraculous healings through Our Lady of Garabandal medal. Filmed in Ukrainian with English subtitles. 43 minutes.  Video tape and DVD available. 
See ordering (2002) information or ORDER 2004 in FAQ section. 

 Testimonials + trips + others 

  These are in Ukrainian only 

(1) ³ i II
( )

(2) Ãîëÿíä³ÿ Ñö³ëåííÿ ÷åðåç Ìåäàëèê 2008

(1)    It Seems like a Miracle

(2)   View the Icon of the Mother of God painted and given to us on the occasion of our visit to Ukraine 2002.

(3)   See actual live film "The Kiss of Our Lady Heals II"

(4)   Son ( Nazar ) holds mother and gives first kiss on Mother's Day after 20 years of paralysis.
(also see Recent Healings)

(5)    Check here for Latest Updates, and timeline of updates

(6)    Read more testimonies in the Recent Graces Section

  Fragment of crowd that came to kiss Our Lady's medals. 

Read about UKRAINE TRIP 2002: PART 1 , PART 2 and PART 3 BY the ROZELUKS.
Our Lady responded to the tremendous outpouring of love from Her people in Ukraine. On both trips, 2002 and 2004, we saw so many miraculous healings happen there each and every day: cripples walked, paralyzed limbs suddenly began to move, mute spoke for the first time, epileptics were healed, and most important - spiritual healings. On each trip, for 2 weeks, about 35,000 to 40,000 people came to listen about Our Lady of Garabandal and venerate Her medal.
(see stories in Recent Graces ).

 Charitable Organization 
NEWS: Official Charitable Organization. 
Good news December 20, 2001. Our organization has been granted official status as a non-profit Charitable Organization by the Government of Canada. Your donations are now Tax Deductible.
We appreciate your financial support. Any donations over $ 20 will be issued a receipt.

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The Song of " Garabandal ". 
Song used with kind permission from Nimal Mendis (copyrighted), who presented it to Conchita.
If you are not able to play this on your computer, then download a free mp3 player from   
or see FAQ section to order a copy on CD or cassette.

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