Memoirs of Country Pastor

a) Memoirs of a Spanish Country Pastor b) Priestly Obedience and the Notas of Santander
c) August 22,1961 d) The Diocesan Commission
e) Pastor of Garabandal for a Day f) The Children in the Normal State
g) The Ecstasies Seen from the Exterior h) The Nature of the Ecstasies
i) Noteworthy Ecstasies j) The Angels at Garabandal
k) Mystical Communions l) Calls, Prediction and Accomplishment of the Miracle
m) Conchita's Mystical Communion at Pines n) The Requested Signs Are Granted
o) Hierognosis p) The Seers and the Priests
q) Returning the Kissed Articles r) Feigned Ecstasies
s) Levitations t) The Most Holy Virgin of Garabandal
u) The Girls' Penances v) Light in the Darkness
w) Mari Cruz x) Eucharistic Sign
y) Conclusion z) Ministry of the Angels at Garabandal
za) The Visible Host zb) Miracle & Chastisement Announced
zc) Contradictions & Denials zd) Taught How to Pray
ze) Locution July 20, 1963 zf) Locution February 1966

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