BOOK 3 12 Final
Star of Gold
Reprinted with kind permission from St. Joseph Publications

from the book She Went in Haste to the Mountain (Book 1)

NOTE: All excerpts from Conchita's Diary will be in extra-bold type

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    Three volumes back, this book began with pictures of the 70,000 people who saw the miracle of the sun at the last apparition in Fatima. It was the apparition in which Saint Joseph appeared in red, the sign of love, holding the Child Jesus and blessing the world, as depicted on the book's cover.

    The 5,000 spectators present for the last message at Garabandal saw something in the sky too, but not related to the Virgin. She was not there, as she later told Conchita. And in the heavens, the Virgin's symbol — the moon — could not be seen.

    What the people did see was a star that rose up from Conchita's house and disappeared over the Pines. And following this, they saw another star, gold in color, more brilliant than the first shoot up, trace a wide circle and return to its starting point, remaining as the other star disappeared.

    What was the significance of the two stars? The one that rose up from Conchita's house obviously pertained to St. Michael who was appearing to Conchita. And the other golden star that remained?

    If the greater brilliance of the second star indicated the presence of someone greater than St. Michael, then it marked the presence of the only one whom God made greater: St Joseph. Was St. Joseph present again at the last message as Loli said he was at the first?

    Almost all the disciples and apostles fall away from Garabandal according to the Virgin's prophecy... as its enemies seek to bury it... let the few who will stay at the foot of the Pines keep their eyes fixed in hope on the Star of Gold that remained, and know that there will be a resurrection, and a magnificent ending for Garabandal. For God has made the magnificent ending the trademark of Saint Joseph.

    This book remains unfinished, entrusted into St. Joseph's hands. One day he will compose its great final chapter, entitled The Miracle, He will replace these last pages with pictures of the Miracle like the ones with which the book began. He will fashion for Garabandal a magnificent ending.

    The Miracle is for the future; now God sends us the Star of Gold.

*    *    *
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