BOOK 3 Chapter 10d:
Call to Repentance
Reprinted with kind permission from St. Joseph Publications

from the book She Went in Haste to the Mountain (Book 1)

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— You should avoid the wrath of the Good God.
— I want to tell you to amend your lives.
— You should sacrifice yourself more.
— Think of the Passion of Jesus.
    We provoke the wrath of God upon ourselves by our own rebellion, our own disobedience, our own self-will. All evil consists in trying to follow our own ways, instead of seeking the ways of God.

    Our ways are very easy to follow; it suffices to allow ourselves to be led. But ours are ways of sin — and not only the sin of the world that so many new books now propose — and they lead us to destruction. On the other hand, the ways of God, how difficult they can be at times! His are the ways of triumph and salvation; but they can only be traveled thru effort and sacrifice: two things that our weakened nature abhors.

    The world — men prone to serve the flesh — inclines to ease and not to combat, to pleasure and not to service, to leisure and not to work, to the good life and not to good living. This manner of living — spread throughout the Church — is inflicting mortal wounds.

    Pseudo-prophets, with their distorted nuances ranting about renewal and liberation, are attempting to discredit the ascetic and penitential way of life, as though asceticism were not an evangelical sign, but the despised remnant of a naive and misled monastic spirituality unworthy of esteem. Self sacrifice? Self denial? Self renunciation? How absurd! Neither the clergy nor the laity want any of this. Anti-asceticism is the order of the day.

    But for whom did Jesus say, If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross? (Mt. 16: 24) Certainly this is not for those who never mention Him except to speak about self-determination, self-fulfillment, self-advancement . . .

    Thus many things explain themselves. How could a person like this accept the message of June 18th that insistently requests things that they themselves are trying at all costs to renounce?

— You should sacrifice yourself more.
— Think of the Passion of Jesus.
    The Passion of Jesus! They are not interested in this. They are only interested in talking of things more to the liking of the man of today.

    For them the only things that matter are actions and words favorable to their self-expression and lifestyle, which is far removed from, He made Himself obedient to death, the death of the cross! [How much some would like to efface one of the principal declarations of teh Gospe: Enter by the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who enter that way. How small the gate and narrow the way that leads to like! And few there are who find it. (Matt. 7: 13-14)]

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