The Village Church (pictures)

The village church of Garabandal 35 years ago.
In the latter part of 1988, Joey Lomangino, received a request from Garabandal village pastor, Father Juan Gonzalez, for funds to finance the installation of a new floor in the church and to reinforce buttressed at the rear of the structure. The repairs were made possible by the generosity of many people and this is how the church appears today.
Additional buttresses were needed to support the rear wall of the church.
Inside the courtyard one sees the two new doors, a new roof over the portico and new support columns.
One thing did not change -- the tabernacle in the village church of Garabandal with its beautiful symbol of the pelican feeding its young with its own blood symbolizing the Holy Eucharist where Christ feeds His own with His body and blood.
The new floor is made of wood at the center and inlaid stone at the sides. The wood is a special hardwood imported from Africa.
The sanctary has a new altar and new stone floor.
The view from the balcony at the rear of the church.
New stonework graces the portico and the entire courtyard. Concrete planters have also been added.
The new gate serves as a reminder to those passing through it that they are on holy ground. It also keeps young children from playing in the courtyard and disturbing people inside the church who are trying to pray.
View of the Pines seen from the belfry of the village church in Garabandal.