The Song of Garabandal

How and where can I get a CD or cassette recording of the Song of Garabandal ?

Temporary Out of Stock - CALL

Song used with kind permission from Nimal Mendis (copyrighted), who presented it to Conchita.   If you are not able to play this on your computer, then download a free mp3 player from

If you wish a copy of this excellent collection of the songs by Nimal Mendis including the Song of Garabandal, as outlined above, the Workers of Our Lady request a donation plus the cost of shipping. Specify if you wish a CD or a cassette recording.

Please send $5 CDN to:
Workers of Our Lady
PO Box 76607
1661 Denison St.
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0N5

A check is fine. God bless.

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