Toronto: On Saturday, November 9, 1996, a Marian Mission entitled, "Embrace the Eucharist" was held at the Slovak Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Unionville (a suburb of Toronto), Ontario, Canada. The program was sponsored by The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel -- Canada, established by Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife, Helen. The event was under the patronage of  Most Reverend Bishop Michael Rusnak and Most Reverend Bishop Roman Danylak who was the chief homilist.
        The afternoon service began at 2:00 p.m., with the rosary, followed by Mass at 2:30 p.m. Priests were available to hear confessions throughout the day until the Consecration at 4:00 p.m. The Bishop started his homily by reading a letter sent to him by Conchita, the main visionary (see box). Following the Mass, the Chaplet of Mercy was recited and the Garabandal video, "The Message of Garabandal," was shown. Materials were available on tables set up in the basement of the Cathedral.
        There was an overflow crowd with 2,000 people on the main floor, 200 in the choir loft, and 500 seated in the basement where a large video screen was set up. Tremendous credit goes to the many people who worked on the committees with the Rozeluks to maintain the reverence due in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Long hours and much work had gone into the preparation of this Marian mission, and it was apparent.
       Visionary Jacinta Moynihan, who attended from her home in California with her husband, Jeffrey and daughter Maria, was introduced. She made a short statement of gratitude and then told the people she was there to offer for veneration her crucifix which the Blessed Mother kissed at Garabandal.
        Following a short break, Helen and Michael Rozeluk rose to give her personal testimony of the cure of Dr. Michael which was featured in Garabandal Magazine January-March 1995 issue. Joey Lomangino was the last to speak. The main floor of the Cathedral was packed, there was no standing room, the aisles were full. Though some were tired and hungry, everyone focused when the blind man from Brooklyn began to speak. He fascinated them with his experiences and insight. A healing service ended the program. A blessing was given by Bishop Danylak to each individual, followed by veneration of Jacinta's crucifix and Joey's medal both kissed by the Virgin at Garabandal. The grace filled day then came to a close.


Dear Reverend Bishop Roman and Dr. and Mrs. Rozeluk,

    I am sure that our Mother the Blessed Virgin has chosen Joseph Lomangino to bring to you Her message of love and salvation. It makes me happy that you have said yes to our  Mother and have prepared the way so that Her message can be received there by those whom She wants to hear it.

    One of Her most important messages is that we do all that we can to visit Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament so we can listen to Him and receive the necessary graces to continue our pilgrimage toward heaven.

    We should make good use of the great Sacrament that our Mother the Church offers to us and that is confession, where, I can imagine, the gates of Heaven open wide and our soul is filled with joy because that is where we hope to arrive.

    Pray for me so that I may become what God wants me to be. And pray one Hail Mary for my family. Thank you.

NOTE: A 2 video VHS tape is available on request of the above mission with Joey Lomangino and Jacinta Moynihan on November 9, 1996.