The Story

The Little Miracle

"The Sacred Host appeared on her tongue. It was totally unexpected... (She) held the Sacred Host motionless on her tongue for about two minutes before consuming it normally..." In an interview recorded on a tape recorder, he made the following statement: "I was little more than a hand's breadth away from Conchita at the moment when she put out her tongue; I saw it was quite bare; there was absolutely nothing on it; I could see her tongue… [ read more ]

Awaiting the Hour (Miracle of the Host)

The miracle of the Host occurred just as Conchita said it would but not when she said it would -- and not before a certain amount of commotion. This brief notation by Luis Navas Carrillo gives us an idea of the atmosphere in Garabandal on the evening of July 17,1962: All day long countless cars were arriving. The houses were full, making it very difficult to find a bed in which to sleep. Once again many people slept in the stables. But many… [ read more ]

But as Many, as Received Him...

In July of 1961, Conchita Gonzalez was taken to Santander, where she stayed for several days. Authorities thought that by removing the one they thought to be the ringleader from the scene of the action, the events would cease. That did not happen, and the author picks up the narrative at the time Conchita, her mother and Aunt Maximina were returning to the village from Santander. PICTURE: From left: Mari Cruz, Conchita and Mari Loli being questioned… [ read more ]

An Interview with Conchita (Part 1)

Harry Daley first heard about Garabandal about 1970 and he saw a film about it. He first met Conchita in June 1972 and she agreed to do a documentary about the events for him. The documentary film they made in May 1973 was shown on television and in theatres around the world. It prompted the BBC to also complete a documentary about the Garabandal events. Here are the questions and answers from the documentary that Harry made with a few later added… [ read more ]

An Interview with Conchita (Part 2)

Harry Daley first heard about Garabandal about 1970 and he saw a film about it. He first met Conchita in June 1972 and she agreed to do a documentary about the events for him. The documentary film they made in May 1973 was shown on television and in theatres around the world. It prompted the BBC to also complete a documentary about the Garabandal events. Here are the questions and answers from the documentary that Harry made with a few later added… [ read more ]

Interviews with Conchita (Part 1)

Conchita Gonzalez Keena, does not grant interviews today and this is understandable. What could she add, at this late date, to what she has already said? But what Conchita has said on previous occasions is still of interest and we begin our series of former interviews with excerpts from one conducted by Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez in May 1973. Photo: Conchita in 2000. Dr Dominguez One of the things you have done in New York is give out scapulars.… [ read more ]

Interviews with Conchita (Part 2)

Continuing our series of interviews with Conchita, is one that was conducted in the early 1980s by Monsignor Francisco Garmendia, Auxiliary Bishop of New York. Bishop I want this to be very clear to all who hear this tape. Conchita was very precise. The Virgin told you that before the Miracle...? Conchita At the time, Pope John XXIII was living. The Virgin said, "Three more Popes are left; there will be only three more Popes." She was… [ read more ]

Interviews with Conchita (Part 3)

This final interview with Conchita in our series was conducted by Father Francis Benac, S.J., in June of 1978. Characteristics of the Ecstasies Benac How was it then that you followed a different course? Conchita After a locution with Our Lord [at a convent school in Pamplona], I don't remember the entire locution, but I do remember Him telling me that I was there doing my own will and not His. From this and the rest of what He said… [ read more ]

Statements of Dr. Luis Morales

Statements of Dr. Luis Morales to a Reporter from the Newspaper ALERTA Photo: Dr. Morales, now deceased, in Garabandal a few years ago. Doctor Luis Morales, now 86, has no interest in hearing people praise his long professional career which made him an institution in the area of mental health throughout Cantabria. He has lost his faith in psychiatry, but has regained his faith in God and - more risky yet in scientific circles - in the Virgin.… [ read more ]

Serafina Gonzalez Eyewitness Testimony

Garabandal Eyewitness Testimony An eyewitness to as many as 40 ecstasies, the author reveals her experiences. I have seen many, 40 or so, ecstasies. Each time, I had the feeling that I was accompanying the Virgin. I remember the first ecstasy that I witnessed. I went with Clementina (the wife of the village mason, Pepe Diez) and we could feel our legs getting weaker as soon as we got there. The four girls were already in ecstasy. Seeing them… [ read more ]

The Final Apparition

After having kissed everything, She said to me: "Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects, my Son will perform prodigies. Distribute them to others." "I will be glad to do this," I replied. I asked the Lady to tell me about the petitions that people had requested I transmit to Her. She told me about them. Then She said: "Talk to me, Conchita, talk to me about my children. I hold them all beneath my mantle." She smiled. "Do you know, Conchita,… [ read more ]

Interview with Father Gustavo Morelos

How, when, and where this interview took place. Maria C. Saraco who speaks her Italian dialect spent the entire month of May 1986 in Italy. She went throughout Sicily from large cities to small villages with her slide-lecture presentation. Thousands of brown scapulars, rosaries and leaflets were given freely. Books and booklets in Italian as well were given gratis to all the priests, nuns and lay people, who were instrumental in arranging her conferences.… [ read more ]

The Intrusion of an Angel

June eighteenth marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Garabandal apparitions. A look in retrospect at that first day. Those of us who have visited San Sebastian de Garabandal over the years might have seen a villager leading a cow or two out to or from pasture or to the watering trough. We might even have seen villagers working in the fields. This bucolic setting could give the impression that everything was done randomly with… [ read more ]

Farewell in the Rain

Sadly and poignantly, she arranged and put back in the bag all the rosaries kissed by the Mother. Then she took a few slow, sad steps toward the crest of the ledge on which the nine solitary pine trees have their roots, and near the cliff edge she paused. There, partially hidden in the mist and rain was the unforgettable panorama: the mountain peaks, the steep slopes, the winding valleys, the woods and meadows with their lonely cabins; and nearer,… [ read more ]

Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest

Inside account of the Garabandal Apparitions. Priest closest to the visionaries Father de la Riva was the priest in the early days of the apparitions who had the closest contact with the visionaries and their families. The four visionaries showed more affection and friendship for him than was shown to any one else. They all wrote letters to him during the early days of the apparitions, here published in this book. He participated in the activities… [ read more ]

A Miracle on the Horizon

After the Miracle of the Visible Host, another far greater one was predicted. The author takes up the subject of when this great Miracle was first revealed. Photo: Conchita dozing while waiting up for the vision. Perhaps the words Conchita was heard to say during the ecstasy had some relation to this unforgettable lesson from the Mother of God: "When you come down here to earth, why do you come? To save the world?" Surely the mentally… [ read more ]

The Nights of Screams

As the feast of Corpus Christi approached in 1962, Garabandal experienced one of the most "striking moments" in the course of the events. This feast honoring the Eucharist is celebrated in Spain with greater external solemnity that any other. The feast was soon to suffer a great eclipse in the days after the Council as a result of certain doctrinal derangements, as a result of a heated fight of many against "triumphalism" in the Church, as a result… [ read more ]

Prophecy at Garabandal

In our last edition, we showed how the reading of hearts, an important criteria for judging the authenticity of alleged manifestations, was present at garabandal. In this issue, we take up another important criteria: prophecy. Mystical theologians see the fulfillment of prophecies made during alleged manifestations as a positive sign pointing to supernatural origin. Photo: Albrecht Weber with Conchita in Garabandal in 1965. The positioning… [ read more ]

Sacred Ground

A look at some previously unpublished information about the Pines in Garabandal In a German book on Garabandal called Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes (Garabandal—The Finger of God), there is some previously unpublished information about the Pines in Garabandal. Since this information is new, we asked the author, Albrecht Weber, to give his sources. On page 136 of the book, the following is stated regarding the great Miracle to come: "It… [ read more ]

Jacinta's Vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Photo: Artist's depiction of Jacinta's vision. Description of the Vision Ever since Jacinta first mentioned her vision of the Sacred Heart in 1976, she has been asked on occasion to give a description of it. The most recent time was last August. She had gone to the Spanish city of Logroño with Jeff and their daughter, Maria, to visit a paralyzed woman named Olga who had asked if the visionary would come to see her. During their visit, they… [ read more ]

She Went In Haste to the Mountain

The monumental classic trilogy known as the "Bible of Garabandal". Impenetrable Mystery Brought To Light. At last the awesome history of the apparitions at Garabandal is available to readers in all its spellbinding detail. Remarkable Phenomena High up on a Spanish mountain, strange and mysterious activities began in the summer of 1961. Four girls between 11 and 12 years of age were caught up in rapture and told of seeing St. Michael the… [ read more ]

The Virgin's Kiss

Conchita stated the following to the author (reprinted pp. 49 - 51): One day we had brought many objects to the Virgin to kiss while we were in ecstasy as was Her practice. Among these objects was a very elegant powder case. I don't recall exactly but I remember that the people, prior to our going into ecstasy, would bring things which would be put on the kitchen table. Someone wanted to remove the powder case because he or she just felt… [ read more ]

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