The Lesson

Affirmations of the Faith at Garabandal

The Blessed Virgin reaffirmed at Garabandal the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church just as they were about to come under attack. All of the Church recognized appearances of the Blessed Virgin in the first half of the twentieth century were timed to historical events. Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917 during World War I (1914-18) and said that the war would soon end, but that if mankind did not amend its ways, a second and worse one… [ read more ]

The Garabandal Rosary: Antidote To Our Society

At Lourdes, Fatima, and Garabandal, the Rosary is a central part of Our Lady's visits and messages to this world. That the Rosary is a central part of Our Lady's visits and messages to this world cannot be disputed. At Lourdes, Fatima, and Garabandal, Our Lady clearly emphasized the Rosary as spiritual vehicle and cure, necessary to counteract and deal with the evils of this world. At Garabandal, Our Heavenly Mother ordered the visionaries to recite… [ read more ]

Blessed Mother Teresa and Garabandal

Clockwise from top left: Mother Teresa with Conchita (holding her daughter Conchita) in New York. Mother with Mari Loli in New York prior to the visionary's departure for Rome. With Conchita in New York just a couple of weeks before Mother's death. With Jacinta while recuperating in California. In her letter to Bishop of Santander, Juan Antonio del Val Gallo dated November 10, 1987, Mother Teresa wrote: "It was in 1970, eighteen years ago, that I… [ read more ]

Blessed Are Those

Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. Yet this is precisely why and where many are led astray! Against the backdrop of verified phenomena of the most spectacular kind, it nonetheless is easy - so easy - to lose sight of the real point of Garabandal: its message. It must come before the apparitions. Indeed, this is something the visionaries themselves repeatedly stressed. As humans, we are naturally drawn to the ineffable and… [ read more ]

But First of All

“Many sacrifices must be made. Much penance must be done. We must pay many visits to the Blessed Sacrament, but first of all, we must be very good. If we do not do this, punishment awaits us. Already the cup is filling, and if we do not change we shall be punished.” The next step is to trust. Admittedly, this is far more difficult than simply asking for the strength and wisdom to lead good lives. It is something that for most of us is fully… [ read more ]

Expressions of Charity

Of the many teachings Our Lady gave at Garabandal to the visionaries and all of us were lessons in charity. As St. Paul tells us, of the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, the greatest is charity. It only stands to reason than that Our Lady would place great emphasis on this virtue during Her appearances. On one occasion, the Blessed Virgin gave a very pointed lesson on charity that would not be easily forgotten by those in the… [ read more ]

Forgetting Garabandal

To remember the message of Garabandal, we sometimes need to forget the events of Garabandal. There is no easy way to do this. Christ gave up His very life to prove this point, and countless saints through the ages have suffered to underscore it. Mercifully, most of us probably never will be called to be martyrs for the faith, but all of us in our own way are called to give up things that stand in the way of a closer walk with Christ. Consider… [ read more ]

Garabandal: Undoing Knots

As our Mediator and loving Guide, Mary is in a clear position to help us undo knots in our lives. In the Church of Mary, the Door to Heaven in Brazil there is a unique painting of Mary undoing a ribbon of knots. It seems that the original painting has been venerated in Perlack, Germany since 1700. While its artist is unknown, it is believed to have been inspired by a meditation made by St Irenaeus, who once said: "Eve, by her disobedience, tied… [ read more ]

Garabandal Has The Answer

Have a Difficult Decision To Make? Garabandal Has The Answer. Like the seers, we must remain open to God's spirit acting within us. Once we allow ourselves to remain open to God's plan, we can begin to discern what that plan is. "Prayer is more than thanksgiving, praise, recall, or request: it is a spiritual, supernatural bridge to the Almighty which will lead us to Him!" How does this choice relate to helping me fulfill the task/role… [ read more ]

Garabandal & God's Greatest Gift: The Holy Eucharist

PHOTO: Conchita in ecstasy in 1962, ready to receive Communion from Saint Michael. In all the pivotal events of Garabandal, we find the Blessed Sacrament. In the first Message we have Our Lady telling us that we must visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. The "nights of screams" of June 19 and 20, 1962, when the visionaries saw scenes of the communist tribulation and the threatened Chastisement, came on the two nights that preceded the feast… [ read more ]

Garabandal and Purgatory #1

The pastor of Garabandal, Don Valentin Marichalar, took notes of what he observed during his many visits to the village at the time of the apparitions. He relates an event involving a visit to the cemetery by all four girls. It took place on September 1, 1962. At about nine in the evening, after the public rosary in the village church, Conchita went into ecstasy at the door of the church, a place where many apparitions began. A few minutes later,… [ read more ]

Garabandal and Purgatory #2

Purgatory is another subject rarely preached today even though almost everyone who is saved will have to spend at least some time there. We know from the lives of the saints and other holy persons who have received revelations about the hereafter, that very few people go straight to Heaven. Purgatory is, so to speak, the last leg of our journey to God. The sufferings of sense and of loss in Purgatory are said to surpass all human sufferings while… [ read more ]

Garabandal and the Priesthood

The Blessed Virgin's emphasis on the priesthood at Garabandal underscores the prophetic quality of the events. In 1978, after a series of interviews with visionary Mari Loli LaFleur and her mother, Julia, Father Joseph Pelletier said: It is now unmistakably clear to me that the main reason why Our Lady came at Garabandal was the crisis of the Church and of the priesthood. And if we analyze what Our Heavenly Mother said, that crisis has not yet… [ read more ]

Garabandal and the Synagogue

After the Warning, the Miracle and the supernatural Pernament Sign, there will be a new beginning, a new era in the history of mankind. (This talk was given in a barn situated between the village of Garabandal and the pine trees above it, on August 8, 1988, the feast of St. Dominic.) In order to understand and assess correctly its portent, certain points of history must be kept in mind. Historians consider that the first schism in the history… [ read more ]

Garabandal's Reverence For Marriage

A ring is just a ring, but when it symbolizes a marriage before God, it becomes a sacred, holy, blessed object. It is clear from the Garabandal events and messages that the three central aspects of these apparitions are prayer, the priesthood, and the Eucharist. Below this main level of focus, however, are a number of secondary, but quite important, aspects of the Garabandal story. Among these secondary areas of focus is marriage. The importance… [ read more ]

Garabandal: The New Bethlehem

It is not a mere coincidence that San Sebastian de Garabandal has a curious comparision with Bethlehem. An angel announces the arrival of the Blessed Virgin to an inconspicuous village ignored by the world. This village is poor and its people lead an austere, country life; most herd animals for their meager wages. The Holy Virgin arrives at this village, carrying the Savior of the world. Amid the peace and serenity of this rural setting, the… [ read more ]

God's Presence in Garabandal

God reveals Himself to us by giving His name: "Yahweh" Throughout the Old Testament we read how Almighty God revealed Himself to His people. He did this in various ways, that is by speaking from a burning bush, in the case of Moses (Ex. 3:2); speaking to the 12 Tribes of Israel from the top of Mt. Sinai in the form of cloud, smoke, fire and lightning (Ex. 10:16-189) and speaking through a bright cloud at the transfiguration of Peter, James and… [ read more ]

The Holy Rosary

PHOTO: Marl Loli, left, and Jacinta in ecstasy leading the procession. "I felt a tremendous joy, since I know my daughter and how bashful she is. For her to be singing like that, I thought to myself, she had to be seeing something very great. On that day, my joy or emotion couldn't have been greater without seeing the Virgin herself." Another witness on this very special day was Maximina who wrote to the Pifarré family in Barcelona: "The greatest… [ read more ]

Holy Water: A Means of Spiritual Wealth

PHOTO: Maria del Camen Catherine's first Communion. Muriel already had faith. But to be baptized, she had to wait until she came of age, the parents being opposed to her initiative. She was baptized in the cathedral of Burgos, at twenty-one years of age, on October 20, 1963, under the name of Maria del Carmen Catherine. Muriel represents the first of three cases of a typical "conversion" linked directly to Garabandal. The two other cases are… [ read more ]


"What God loves above all is humility. What displeases Him above all is pride."- From a letter to Fr. Luis Retenaga, dated 13 October 1963. Reprinted in She Went in Haste to the Mountain, p. 479 (Eusebio Pesquera, trans. by B. Miller; pub. by Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal, Inc., 2000) For those who truly seek to understand and follow the message of Garabandal, the way is clear. A genuine commitment to living a life imbued with humility… [ read more ]

All Knees Must Bend: The Message of Garabandal and Eucharistic Reverence

The adoration and veneration of The Most Blessed Sacrament is a most fundamental and necessary element of both the Garabandal message and of our lives in Christ. "... to call kneeling idolatry is to deny the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist." The posture of the American Bishops runs counter to the Vatican's directive on these matters. In the Inaestimabile Donum of April 1980, the Pope declared that the faithful are free to receive… [ read more ]

Live the Message Today and Promote It

A priest friend of mine came up to me once and said: "Dr. Michael, I have known you for a long time, even before your accident. I know of the pain that you were in. I believe in everything that you have told me and the many wonderful miraculous healings that you have witnessed. But I have been a priest for 25 years now, and I have not seen any at all like yours. Why?" Without thinking, I looked him in the eye and took my index finger, pointed and… [ read more ]

Another Prophecy Fulfilled

Certainly for the visionaries of Garabandal, one of the more perplexing prophecies made by the Blessed Virgin was that they would doubt their visions. This did in fact happen almost as soon as they stopped having ecstasies and in August, 1966, Conchita and Mari Loli entered into a period of "deep doubts" which continued, although lessening in intensity, during the following years. It is against this backdrop that the following episode must be viewed… [ read more ]

Maximina's Key

Precious Souvenirs Very few, if any, of the houses in San Sebastian de Garabandal are in the same condition that they were 42 years ago when the apparitions first began. With the influx of visitors, the sale of property and the building of new homes, have come improved economic conditions so that now just about all the dwellings have been renovated in whole or in part. The house of Maximina, Conchita's aunt, is no exception, but for one thing.… [ read more ]

Modern Manifestation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

It can be presumed that the readers are sufficiently informed concerning Garabandal that the prayer, sacrifice and conversion of sinner’s messages of this contemporary Spanish happening need be only briefly recalled. In regard to prayer, our Lady requested that the girls recite the rosary each day, saying it very slowly and thinking about what they are saying. She also had them say it once or more during each apparition. She asked that people visit… [ read more ]


In her lessons at Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin impressed upon the girls the importance of modesty. She did this in a number of ways by requiring: 1) a proper code of dress; 2) proper comportment; and 3) that they not wear jewelry or cosmetics (inappropriate for young girls) especially when they were going to see her. PHOTO: From left: Conchita, Mari Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz. Although short dresses for girls were the style of the time and… [ read more ]

Our Lady Shows the Way

PHOTO: Loli in ecstasy holding up rosaries and medals. On August 22, 1961, the pastor, Father Valentin Marichalar, received the bishop's directive and only he, Father Ramon Andreu and Father Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva, who had just arrived in the village, knew about it. Since Father Valentin had some business to attend to on the following day, he asked Father de la Riva to take over as pastor in his absence. The latter gladly complied and… [ read more ]

Our Lady's Scapular

The Blessed Virgin appeared at Garabandal as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with a large brown scapular hanging from her right wrist. It is of great significance for her to have appeared under that title after having appeared at Fatima as Our Lady of the Rosary. The scapular and rosary are the two great Marian devotions and remind us of a saying attributed to Saint Dominic that "one day through the rosary and scapular she (Our Lady) will save the world."… [ read more ]

Penance and Sacrifice

The people in town understood from the beginning the necessity of performing penance. I will not forget the lesson that I learned from the three women who owned the house where I was staying. One early morning, at about five o'clock, I was going to my room for something when I found them and their three daughters seated in the kitchen. I asked them why they weren't in bed, since they weren't with the seers. The answer was irrevocable. "Because it's… [ read more ]

People Never Die - An Authoress's Account

"Your Son is in Heaven", from The Apparitions of Garabandal PICTURE: "She held the crucifix up for the Virgin to kiss. . ." The little girl was quite unperturbed. Very simply, she replied: "Because I asked her: 'Who is Miguel?' And she said to me: 'That lady's son'." I have confirmation of all this recorded on tape. The following day, I begged Mary Loli to record that passage so my husband could hear it. Naturally, the flow of our conversation… [ read more ]

A Place Too Sacred

Garabandal is where God will put a permanent sign...His monument for humanity. It would have no room or need for a human edifice. What Churches Cannot Do St. Francis taught us that there is one thing any church structure cannot do. When he rebuilt the church of San Damiano, this beloved saint took simple stones and generated a church simple in both structure and message. Following the message and teachings of Christ, Francis taught us that… [ read more ]

Prodigy in Seville

This happened on January 17, 1967 in Seville, Spain. The following persons were involved: Mari Pepa Caballero, a nurse who possesses a rosary given to her by Conchita in Garabandal and Dona Carmen Garcia Geraldo. Carmen and her husband, Hernandez-Pinzon, have an eight-year-old son with an incurable condition since birth. They were told by Conchita that the Virgin said the child will be cured the day of the Miracle. On Sunday January 15 at 11:30… [ read more ]

The Reading of Hearts

The reading of the Message at the Pines did nothing to alleviate Fr. Ramon's interior desolation and afterwards when he was called with two other persons to Loli's house, he reluctantly accepted and only to take the occasion to say goodbye. Loli invited him to sit down and without him having revealed anything about his doubts, she said: "The Blessed Virgin said to us: 'The Father doubts everything and is suffering very much. Call him and tell him… [ read more ]


An important part of our Faith is reconciliation, both with God (through confession) and with our neighbor. In the following episode as recounted in She Went in Haste to the Mountain, the two forms of reconciliation came into play, and as is usually the case with true reconciliation, the results were salutary, and in this case, extraordinarily so. To be emphasized here is the fact that it was the Blessed Virgin herself, acting through one of the visionaries,… [ read more ]

Seven Characteristics of Confused People

3. Man is himself God and needs only to awaken to that fact. The view that "I am God" has been appealing since time began, and is alive and well today in our media, society, and political arenas. Every "ism" we know is based on this false and destructive notion, and abortion fits nicely within its value system. If I am God, I can define and rename everything I want to, and I can determine morality, value, and life itself. The Bible, of course,… [ read more ]

Sin Reaffirmed

October 18,1961: We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us. June 18,1965: As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last… [ read more ]

Two Parables and Footprints at the Pines

One of the key purposes of Garabandal is to bring people back to the fold. It also reminds us that we should be reflexions of holiness and goodness to the best of our abilities. The fact that The Blessed Mother requested that the girls give objects to the crowd to be kissed, that she asked them to pray aloud and in the outdoors, and that the entire Garabandal events were so public, so open to all, tells us that, in the words of Jacinta, the… [ read more ]

Upward Gaze

We have all seen the images of Conchita transfixed in an upward gaze of prayer, like some graceful sculpture poised to meet God Almighty. When we look down we become concerned with our relative position in comparison to others, which leads to jealousy and pride. When we look down we begin to rely only on ourselves and forget our God. Notice that insulting someone is called putting them "down", and that feeling depressed is called feeling "down".… [ read more ]

You Do Not Need A Cell Phone At the Pines

The other day I was on a train when Beethoven began playing behind my back. If I had heard this sound on a train twenty years ago, I would have assumed that someone was playing a miniature piano. Today, however, such sounds pass almost unnoticed as people "stay in touch" while on their way through their lives. "Stay connected," we are told. "Can you hear me? Good," we are reminded. You cannot sit on a plane without seeing someone tapping away at… [ read more ]

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